True life changes

What if our life was for a greater purpose far greater than we could ever imagine? What if we have had most of our earth life been turned toward anything but that which empowers us on this mission. Perhaps we knew it wasn’t going to be easy here and that there will be like a game of chess aponents who wish to stunt the progress of the player or even at worst case remove the player from the game. The player would be by society’s conditioning, mind control, media, materialism etc forever distracted from realising his destiny sndhis ultimate power to bring change to the planet.

I guess this is why we say turn off your TV unless the material is helping you become more awake and aware individual because the programs are what they are programs operating on a very narrow band of conscious. Just like if you will a computer can operate at faster or slower speeds the mind and the physical body can operate or tune into various frequencies, as is the very nature of reality according to modern science frequency. The choosing and turning toward truth to alertness to awareness and self empowerment is not for everyone but you can rest assured that in doing so you will surely reap the awards that come from it. There is so much to learn here in this life and experience and that which we call “reality”. yet I would urge anyone to question atleast once in life the so called reality, especially experiences in life with are cyclic ie: patterns of behaviour which keep repeating themselves, conforming to religion, society, etc look out for programs. Robotic behaviour in yourself and others look how much of our life in the way of life we currently live is a repeat if yesterday. It’s interesting how we fall into patterns of behaviour and how when on a path of healing one wishes to break some of those patterns that are unhealthy and do not serve the soul and the progression of this life’s soul path…… The resistance when you try to make life changes. One of the hardest thing for me and many has been to make true life changes, the majority of people I know try and try and try and keep hitting a wall. Some do manage to have the will power to do it, and I’m talking big changes not something like choosing what sofa to buy lol. My life the last few years has been an exercise in will power and by try trying again and keeping at it it’s got better and better. I guess my point is is just a message to not give up because if you follow your heart you’ll get there! Life doesn’t have to be mundane and you don’t need to create a delusional reality like the media, programming bulshit tells you. And secondly that I see what those forces corrupting the planet are doing and I’d we all start to wake up its game over for the dark aponents who are laughing while we laugh ignorant thinking that we know the score.

I try not to say anything deep and meaningful 🙂 Cheers Rik

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