Being sensitive isn’t wrong

We are encouraged to desensitise and numb ourselves in so many ways in this life. TV, films, computer games etc slowly desensitise us to violence, fear, drama and crisis.

Our foods are often very sedating, especially heavy carb meals, Desensitising us to the feelings of others and ourselves.

Our conditioning through parents/school/culture teaches us to ‘be strong’ and ‘hold it together’ and not show our feelings…which again then desensitises us to where we are really at in ourselves.

Also our lives are so full of man-made noise that we have to numb ourselves to the noise of traffic and sirens and machines and supermarket bleeps and recorded voices.

I feel we are losing something very important though in all this noise and numbing. We are meant to be feeling, sensing, aware and intuitive beings…not brusk harsh numbed out robots. We are losing our abilities to truly sense and feel.

Alot of people for example have to eat highly flavoured foods full of salt or sugar or spices or msg to feel full or content. The idea of eating something without flavourings added is quite alien now so therefore our taste buds have attuned to that. We don’t taste the subtle natural flavours in say plain rice or vegetables.

Similar is true for our entertainment or ‘leisure’ time. Many people feel very uncomfortable with silence, and need to have the TV on in the background or need to walk about with music playing through earphones all the time or need to be on their phones all the time.

I feel all these things are ultimately making us more cut off and isolated from each other and from our environment though. We are not as aware of the subtlety in people’s expressions and energies. We don’t recognise the signs and messages in nature either. Our skin is thickening in a way.

The thing is though, that our systems ARE still aware even if we are not conscious of it. So much of our modern life is actually pretty stressful and overwhelming. If we can’t acknowledge this consciously the impact of it tends to go into our bodies. More people are taking prescription drugs to deal with anxiety or depression. Many illnesses and digestive complaints have their roots in our suppressed emotions and unconscious stresses.

When we lose our sensitivity we lose our ability to self-regulate and self-heal and we become ever more reliant on outside sources to either numb us or further suppress symptoms of discontent in our systems. We lose our wisdom.

It isn’t ‘bad’ to feel. It isn’t ‘bad’ to be sensitive. Ultimately it isn’t ‘bad’ to feel depressed or ill or anxious either…it is our body’s way of trying to tell us something is wrong and out of balance. Our feelings aren’t our enemy…they can be one of our greatest assets. Desensitising carries very large penalties that we often aren’t aware of.

With love.

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