Mission Vision


Hi there, I’m Riki Buckingham, a visionary singer, songwriter and musician from England.

My musical flavour has elements of funk, soul, blues and has influences from other countries mainly in flamenco, Bossanova, jazz and eastern styles bringing forward a deeper spiritual message.

Music is a great catalyst for change and I wish to inspire the people to connect with the light within and to consider lifestyles that support living in greater harmony with nature for a more sustainable future for us all.

Since the age of 16 I have been extensively recording and writing music. I have traveled my way across Europe, wild camping, performing songs, living rustic and simply on a busking journey in order to re-connect with the wild and the people of different lands.

The latest material has given me a big push needed to refine my music. This reflects my personal journey of deep transformation and re-connection to the fullness and spirit of life.

My desire is to use music to bridge worlds; coming together collectively in celebration of the sacredness of life. I envision going on a great adventure to share the songs far and wide to different lands, groups, events and festivals.

A future dream vision is to create an co-centre where people can rejoice, heal and come together through the power of music.