Healing Journeys

Being sensitive isn’t wrong

We are encouraged to desensitise and numb ourselves in so many ways in this life. TV, films, computer games etc slowly desensitise us to violence, fear, drama and crisis. Our foods are often very sedating, especially heavy carb meals, Desensitising us to the feelings of others and ourselves. Our conditioning through parents/school/culture teaches us to ‘be strong’ and ‘hold it together’ and not show our feelings…which again then desensitises us to where we are really at in […]

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True life changes

What if our life was for a greater purpose far greater than we could ever imagine? What if we have had most of our earth life been turned toward anything but that which empowers us on this mission. Perhaps we knew it wasn’t going to be easy here and that there will be like a game of chess aponents who wish to stunt the progress of the player or even at worst case remove the player from […]

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