Mercury Retrograde and the new Crystalline Matrix (Livestream)

  1. Mercury Retrograde and the new Crystalline Matrix (Livestream)
    It is literally 2.00am on the 22 / 02 /2020 and this is the most auspicious date in numerology for 2020 and what a day to have a powerful new Livestream where we explore in detail the shadow mirror that is Mercury in Retrograde while we welcome a new moon in Pisces on the 23rd. We also have the Sun in Pisces and the Moon is in Aquarius while both Mars and Saturn stage a composite stelium in Capricorn. This is a highly illuminated co creative energy where all manner of possibility and probability becomes so real and wickedly vivid in our perception of the new earth grid on this divine new timeline. We know in our hearts that Crystalline energy is the repository of knowledge and the creative energy of Pisces is channeling that sacred knowledge into the external, and that manifests in the collective in a very open, liberated and detached manner. There are so many surprises that become revelatory in nature with this type of energy and if you experience it through the lens of Art, Culture and Music in every moment you will find it to be highly supportive at every turn of the spiral.

The 7th Sense team welcomes female practitioner, Haitian born spiritual alchemist, Kirah Minuty from Florida in the US and what she brings to the typically fueled male dominated conversation is nothing short of miraculous. Her intelligent outlook with a myriad of knowledge covering a broad spectrum of subjects reflected through personal experiences which she relates back to the divine feminine and the greater collective generated such a buzz online that we had the most women ever in our brief history join us to listen to her wisdom. In fact we managed to break the 100 listener barrier online for the 2.5 hour stream and that makes this discussion really worthy of the portal that is the master number of 22 in a (4) Universal year of physical manifestation for all. Some of the subjects the team including Riki Buckingham (UK) and Corey Caplan (US) covered in this highly informative Livestream included the following.

  1. The emotional overwhelm of the divine feminine in 2020
  2. The misconception of the menstrual cycle and it’s rather telling lessons today
  3. What are the Ascension symptoms and how can we create new coping mechanisms to integrate them better
  4. Self Sabotage and the constant second guessing of the human construct to continue the seamless pattern of recycle
  5. Conducting high transmissions from one Tuning fork to another in the wider social context of the internet
  6. Understanding the Bio Feedback loop and the higher empowerment signal supporting all in existence
  7. The particle / wave duality syndrome and it’s affect on the human condition
  8. Release and surrender…cry a little more to feel the illuminated power of salvation and liberation in the 3D
  9. What is the continued unfold of the Saturn / Pluto conjunction and whats in store for the next phase in 2020

So brew a nice cup of soothing herbal tea, sit back and relax to take in all that so beautifully and energetically unfolded early yesterday morning as a community came together in a higher octave of co creation that benefits all as we discover that “everything is medicine”

Please remember to book mark the link below as we will be moving to Megazine Radio by mid to late this week. From all of us here at Podbean on the 7th Sense Podcast we wish you all the best for the 13 Rays of the Rainbow Bridge and the powerful planetary transits still to come in the coming months of this most auspicious year.

Shanti Shanti

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