Everything is Ok! and probably always will be! despite this most of us are running on faulty programming and fear-based realities.

Me at Castlerig Stone Circle around the time of this text 🙂

The following text is from 2013, I’ve put it up if anything for me to just share a few things I have done in the past, feeling nostalgia tonight!

I have a message today, it goes a little bit like this

Everything is Ok! and probably always will be! despite this most of us are running on faulty programming and fear-based realities.

Life is beautiful!, if life is a struggle that’s not how its meant to be, the idea that life is meant to be a struggle and hard work is also absolute BS! and a total fabrication, our time here on this planet when connected to our soul our truth and intuition will be effortless you will know where you need to be and what you
need to do at any particular time, maybe not completely free of struggle as it is a natural thing to sometimes experience, but those are mechanisms we ALL have that due to our lifestyles and many other factors have been dumbed down to the point of what I can “walking zombie” syndrome.

Modern medicine in “many if not all cases” is not a cure! it’s a bloody band-aid!

Excessive hard work and struggle are what slave races do, there’s no need for us to be living our lives quite like this when there IS enough food in the world to feed us all and there IS enough technology for free electricity where we DO have all we need to live in harmony with the laws of nature/universe, the original law.
you have to ask yourself how come we are living like slaves when this earth by its very nature was set up to give us an abundance of everything we need there is free everything available yet apparently there is not enough!  LIE!. ..there is an element of control there, Im not here to tell you where that control is coming from.

One day everyone will just stop what they are doing and realise how insane it all is and when we get it and “wake up” we all can truly get on to living fully realized life’s in our power, dignity and personal strengths creating systems that work for ALL involved because the biggest lie of our time and perhaps from long ago is that there is a lack that there is not enough for us, this planet and we people have it all it’s only the ones in power and other dark ones I shall not name who are running the show.

We have the power to chose which reality we want, the new reality the shift happening now in 2013 or to keep to the old system that are causing the human race, the rainforests, the animals, the rivers, our earth and OURSELVES damage, our power.

The species on this planet have lasted for millions of years or more, life has gone on our greed and sense of lack is fueling this cancer. happiness is an inside job not outside as your society your media your schools this whole system would lead you to believe.

yes of course experience those things and they can be great experiences, be someone famous be it someone high ranking with a massive salary, its a nice life experience! but while we are continually distracted away from our true selves, the true reason for our need to be somebody our true sense of lack etc, the love the truth the realization of a soul, a spirit we will never find lasting happiness in those temporary forms, there will always be a hunger for more as the connection we are seeking is our true source connection.

This earth the way it is is absolutely perfect its almost a miracle and amazes me at times, but that’s not how our current mindset and our programming lets us see the world.

for many the focus is problems, this isn’t right this went wrong, being kept in a constant state of worry about tomorrow this is NOT natural and NOT the original state of humans it is NOT the state of the spirit. can you see how we are kept in constant fear? even if its just low-level fear. and I can tell you that sometimes people who try to break out of this matrix well they can sometimes get bombarded with loads of crap to keep them lower again. (ill probably get some from posting this designed to bring me down because I spoke out, rule number one you don’t question your reality) the truth of reality is nothing like most of us are living! and I don’t mean what we are doing.

Mind Parasite, Entity, self hatred picture by Alex Grey

You could be doing bricklaying building an ECO village in the new world, moving megalithic stones to build a pyramid LOL and totally enjoy it and be in total harmony with your spirit and soul and know it’s for common good! while knowing that the ones who do hold positions of power in your group/civilization are totally rightfully and meant to be in that place.


(Stay distracted puppies stay distracted, play with the toys we’ve given you)

Computers, mobile phones, wifi, TV advertising bombardment, Fashion, gimmicks, you all fall for it every time! we love that we work our corporations around your weakness.

Because we are so used to our reality as it is because it has been like this from day one since birth it can be hard to see life any other way, in our culture which is lacking a lot of which the ancient civilizations had who btw seemed to have built pyramids all over the world, who seem to have been in contact with each other. not to mention the various artefacts that are being found that show a global civilization way before our current history documents. why does our current history not document those discoveries?

do the research it scares our governments it scares people who are deeply held onto the truth it scares those in power and ultimately this discovery and others coming in the near future will ultimately lead to the collapse of those who are in power for control purposes and bring the truth point-blank in the peoples faces to such an obvious understanding that the truth has been obscured for warped and twisted reasons to keep the populations in a dumbed out lower state of awareness and growth.

We have been existing as a species in many cases completely disconnected with a few people having a connection to the divine source, a science called (unified field) for a long time now but its time for our birthright to be all we are and experience joy, laughter good times to become a reality.

Id like to say, The amount of love, care, understanding and compassion we have for all of you is immense, the dark ones who have deliberately made a mess of things and kept you caught in pain and suffering have their time up and will be gradually revealed as we as a species become more aware.

The time is NOW to take back the power, remember everything is OK! humanity has just been kept in a lower vibration away from those states of everything is ok and caught in a fear-based reality (news/media) once the manipulation and the lies that we have been fed have been revealed there will be no stopping this movement and the good thing is LIFE/UNIVERSE is taking care of every one of us in this process, The shift has begun!

Wishing you all a good ride ~ Riki Rixsta

PS: looks like anyone from the government can see this, oh well im sure they are not all reptiles who have no care for humanity 😀

lack and enslavement.

The dark ones who have kept you unaware of your true essence your true self will be known and you will RISE!


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  1. Riki, you are empowered and illuminated soul. You recognise the intrinsic goodness in all things in existence and that you are a fractal of that universal experience. What you radiate here is a call to action that only those with eyes to see and ears to hear will heed the call and be motivated to action. The underlying key to the ancient shamanic wisdom that you speak of is to tap into the morphic field and the hive mind to better understand how telepathic communication can bridge all elemental sectors of human conscious behavior to arrive completely detached and aligned to the higher divine realms in which the toxic residue of the third density mutant paradigm and expression of duality no longer exists. Well done for sharing such a concise and intelligent insight to support the human family’s growth today.

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