Inner cleansing and nature :) re-sensitising the human experience in order to perceive deeper.

The first video since being back in England.

I take this as a good sign as its often that when one is being more creative, expressive and doing all the things you know you wanted to do that your on the right track and more aligned to your soul purpose.



I’ve always seen the link between the sharing of video’s, the creation of music and the looking after your health with self-nurturing and care.

I also noticed that as we drop addictions there seems to be a power gain and that core energy (solar plexus especially) we can then use to better manifest the results we want in life.

But this all goes much deeper than the physical and I will hopefully be motivated to share the wonderful effects I’ve been having of raising vibration the last 4 days out of stagnation and a slight “hint” of depression into a state of better empowerment and heightened connection to soul.



Love to all


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