2020 Saturn / Pluto Conjunction – The sequence of Immersive Expression by Mike Puskas


2020 Saturn / Pluto Conjunction – The sequence of Immersive Expression 


Today is the 15th day of January in the year 2020 and it’s an 11.11 moment, and this is significant for a number of reasons which I am going to go into great detail about. The 1 and 5 is the 6 and the six is the lens of new beginnings in a year where the 2 and the 2 and the 4 is a Universal year of physical manifestation. And what we manifest within the deeper recesses of what our heart and our minds desire are two very different things to the way they were once perceived. We are now three days into what is known as the fallout from the Saturn Pluto conjunction. I must admit this has hit much harder than I thought it would, because an understanding of what this particular conjunction meant to most people was to arrive on the other side knowing that we would never be the same and that we would all be open to welcoming the reflection of the new you. Reconfigurations of cellular structure and memory would seem to call for the emergence of new identities, where once prevalent notions and delicate expressions of humanity no longer function. 


There is a heaviness accompanying these physiological shifts taking place in the human genome and this is to be expected. A possible feeling of hopeless listlessness and/or displacement may be present and with this, an opportunity here to consider darker aspects of a shadow self coming into play via physical expression. The feeling of the body carrying an extra kind of weight should not necessarily be misconstrued as illness or as something which is going to be a “new normal,” when in fact it may be energetic in nature— a blockage or tightness, a pain or ache of exasperation, any of which could be alleviated by a remedial massage in order to generate movement and warmth in the muscular and circulatory systems. This is something I would definitely suggest. Removing these impairments can empower one who has been forced through these cosmological lenses resulting in physical discomforts, to have the courage to look into the mirror, acknowledge any unhealthy dependencies and distortions, and then move forward into these immersive new experiences, as indeed we are being forced to do.  


This is part and parcel of what was foretold back in 2012, when elemental shifting of photon energies and light body infusions first began in earnest. Now as we absorb more of these shifts in energetic deployment, as we activate more highly energized light bodies and absorb more illuminated forms of subtle electrical charge, the need to let go and release elements of our past vestiges of distorted thinking emerging from our dependencies on outdated belief structures, Archetypes and habitual behavioural patterns becomes much clearer and easier to accomplish. Certainly we can acknowledge the lessons learned and 

re-scripted over ages of cyclical experience,  



and release it with love and compassion back to source. So nothing is wasted In our newfound states of energetic expression and with the freedom and lightness we consciously access by letting go and surrendering in trust to our new liberated state we can assess waves of transmission or collapsed particles thereof, to determine relevance to our lives and to better discriminate between what serves us and what does not.  


The Akashic Quantum field emerges into our scope of vision as a field of choice. Our ability to process reality more effectively and efficiently in this way allows us to pre-emptively filter out those dependencies which weigh us down, from those which enlighten us. Heightened awareness in the present in this 2020 year, descriptors of things like dependencies and co-dependencies will become more apparent and more important as the year progresses. We cannot after all manifest our heartfelt desires while dependent on systems of thought or habitual patterns previously collapsed into particles collectively acting in our physicality as dead weight or invisible binding paradigms. A higher level of lucidity allows for better internal actionable intelligence. In a sense perhaps we could say that a more enlightened and resilient structuring of quantum waves will thus allow for their collapse into physicality in ways which better serve our ultimate purpose. Though this may make sense on an intellectual level, this doesn’t automatically transfer to easiness in our day to day lives. It doesn’t translate easily into an empirical cause and effect mode of thought. It goes against ways of thinking that we have been taught and conditioned over generations. It’s like our mainframe was formatted a certain way, and suddenly with the Saturn-Pluto conjunct we are faced with a new motherboard configuration to deal with in our fragmented field of energy. This new configuration of photon infusion seems to run counter to all of our safe and secure aspects of understanding, along with all of the programming and conditioning we’ve worked so hard for so long to try and come to grips with. The best way to come to an understanding of what’s happening is by means of the parental perspective. We are literally in the process of a redefinition and a rebirthing of the self. This redefinition centres on core aspects of self and on a recalibration of what we deem to be important in both an individual sense and the collective outlook. Here in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, the relentless heat waves have exacerbated the seeming heaviness of the energetic effect discussed here, along with the increased ongoing fire danger. In a symbolic sense, this connects directly to the idea of purification. In order to rebirth we have to purify and in order to purify we have to acknowledge that these shifts and changes are incredibly real to us.  


This is not to say that the catastrophic fires are necessary for this purification, but events of this kind of scale do serve in allowing these kinds of acknowledgements to emerge. We realize major disruptive events are occurring all over the planet as well. The point here is that it is OK to feel emotionally overwhelmed right now. It’s OK to feel that an internal need to detach from social media and other kinds of third party interaction is warranted right now. If you feel displaced in a community, or if you’ve recently moved to a new living space or community, don’t feel as if you need to make yourself available to everyone there. This will come with divine timing, ease and grace as part of the organic flow into your new space. It can be hard to feel a certain way, but by the same token without those feelings we can never truly dispel myths of the past; we can never release delusional thinking patterns or move beyond preference patterns and choice points based on old paradigms. By all means take breaks from the struggle but don’t give up, as the end result is priceless to say the least. 


Energetically the planets themselves are moving in a seamless manner, and this is reflected here by our tendency to do the same, or at least to feel like we are definitely going up a hill or mountain. I’m speaking mainly in terms of Uranus stationing direct on the 11th of January, and the Lunar eclipse in Cancer opposing the Saturn Pluto conjunction. Additionally Mars is in Sagittarius, and we have Mercury moving inbound at an accelerated pace ready to supercharge the intensity of all that we are feeling right now. Half the solar system is in a kind of parallel roll off of the Southern end of mother Earth. Struggle and enhanced realism thus appear as mentioned previously, along with the denseness and tightness many of us are experiencing in the physical. In a sense the planets are fighting for the same air space, as the planetary logos could be represented as someone listlessly moving about in the ether or the cosmos much like many of us are. It is hard to find a purpose in life when we are feeling so incredibly displaced and somewhat detached from the safety and security we once felt. It’s as though we are being asked to navigate our ships 

through uncharted waters with blindfolds on and in perfect trust to the universe. We shake our heads, we say “I’m not strong enough” or “I don’t have the resilience” or “how can I manifest whether or not I’m even capable?” Yet, as infinite offspring of the infinite being the divine oneness that drives everything within the wider expanses of the cosmos, then of course you have the capacity to accomplish all of these things.  


In concentrating your desire to do so you must trust yourself, and not the exterior controlling factors and elements or influences which may have fostered the emergence of unhealthy dependencies and or co dependencies. I’ve spoken of this so many times that it’s like a broken record, yet so many of you still don’t see the obvious consequences of continuing to practice such ignorance. In order to shake loose from these influences and to generate these higher octaves of lucid expansion that serve your higher good, you must feel worthy to receive within your own heart space. The same heart space that gives you the capacity to receive and transmit important forms and features of energy, as well as to know like I do that when I look up at the night sky and I see billions of souls looking down at me, all of them are aware that I have the capacity to reach up and touch them and draw upon their presence. In doing so, we enhance our earthly experience. In recognizing these life changing shifts illuminating our conscious and subconscious centres, along with the personal desires and directives therein we learn to trust the core essence of who we are. In a larger context, the crumbling of geopolitical power structures, the breakdown of religious and social institutions, and the undermining of distorted thought via new holistic expressions reflect the power of these emergent and energetic dynamics. This new dynamic supersedes and overrides previous tendencies to latch onto dependencies and co dependencies, or to feel forced into those kinds of choices which no longer correlate with the higher ideals of who we are and what our life purpose is. Slave like subservience and homage’s to scientific and religious dogma dissolve away. We have arrived at a turning point, where our need to feel supported and loved, or guided and redirected by a higher power is giving way to the realization that the higher power is woven directly into the fabric of our own internal being, situated as it is in a multiverse within a multiverse within a multiverse. God with a big G or the gods with a little g are defining aspects of how we have operated in the past, where the idea was present that we could not advance without a subservient humility to forces outside of our Transhuman control. 


Another thing that has become increasingly clear for me within what I might refer to as the Saturn Pluto format operating as something akin to the aftermath of an atomic explosion, is the way that chaotic electrical charges have seemingly all been diffused, to reveal neutral points as a reflection of zero point energy. So in a way all of the unbelievable beauty we are given to receive and to perceive finds a clear and unclouded passage from deeper levels of the sub conscious universe to the conscious self. We are led to a whole new interpretation of human blueprint encapsulation and what it stands for. At the same time, if you do feel listless, or feel a level of displacement or feel like a fish out of water, or if you feel emotionally overwhelmed or maybe that your experiential ability consists only of being able to collapse possibility into dense particle matter creating deceptive aspects of form based reality you are certainly not alone. We are all feeling it to some extent, some more so than others. I would go further and say, to those beautiful souls in the world fulfilling daily responsibilities by punching a time clock; those working to maintain an ongoing accumulation and aggregation process, those coming home drained by soulless or demanding work environments, in many cases to difficult or demanding spouses, partners, children or other family dependents and trying to remain cantered in the midst of intensified conflicts, I send warm and compassionate blessings of self love and strength from my heart.  

Cut yourself some slack, and take 10 steps back. Observe how solidly you may have become enmeshed in habituated patterning and routine. Breathe in deeply, say to yourself “I am a conduit to higher divine power.” Exhale as you remind yourself that we, that is all of us are interconnected conduits to the same higher power, i.e. “I am, we are.” Circumstances in life may be tough for many but in doing the work I have previously spoken of dealing with Doppelganger shadow selves to learn to recognize the ability to work in harmony alongside these shadow aspects of self in order to learn to maintain and sustain a well balanced and empowered life. After doing the multi-part series on the Doppelganger and the recognition of the true shadow self, when one still feels overwhelmed it is worthwhile to go back over some of the same ground and further delineate and recognize ways that darkness is reflected and expressed in simple terms. Believe me it is something you all express in skilfully camouflaged ways, through embodiments of fear, and perpetuations of personal myth and false evidence carried on over previous incarnations with all manner and varieties of agendas. Some of these are perhaps instigative and some perhaps disruptive. I know that I have! It’s not something to worry about, but rather something to work through. Many of these difficult elements are very much part and parcel of ancestral lineages which we are all carrying along, dragging perhaps traumatic experiences along with us and recycling them as we move between lives and into new insertions of soul into body. Expressions of our shadow selves don’t die when our body does, so right now our personality is the most distorted aspect of our daily self expression. The processes of working through these kinds of remnants and baggage is worthy of further attention and detail, and with my own re-examination of the process, I will be sharing what has worked well for me, along with a formulation of bullet points which may be useful.

There are local and off-planet processes at work which we drag from one incarnation to the next along with our ancestral lineage, all of which is forgotten, but still present beyond the veils of Amnesia. Certain events may trigger an awakening of these processes within the fourth construct and next thing we know we are drawing on them and wondering what is going on. With our planetary positions and energies the way they are now, there is a reconfiguring going on. Certain aspects of our DNA memory imprints are being revisited. Some will remain in the archive so to speak and some will be brought forward and recalibrated. For me personally 2020 is a lot about a reinvention of self in this way, where antiquated processes and/or delusional translations are revisited and recalibrated or done away with altogether. I prefer the latter. 


With this kind of work there emerges new ways of communication as within the various descriptors, the verbs, the nouns, the pitch and tone of our communication there lies our own deceptions and delusions, and further separation not only between individuals but between our own conscious, superconscious, and sub conscious aspects of self. With this, we ultimately lose our connection to the infinite consciousness. The separation becomes like a toxic virus. We may feel like we need to look at things through a certain kind of lens when in actuality we really don’t. Many abstract metaphors are playing out in our lives right now. A good example is the emergence of the Metaform language which is reflected as self aware media spread all over the internet. Because of this we have to consciously choose to detach from these things which reinforce the delusion.  

This is an old adage I’ve used many times before, but when we experience through the lens of perception, and what we are experiencing seems to call us to action we must ask ourselves what it is that we are attaching to and why are we attaching to it. Saturn, as the father planet of curriculum, will lay out for you a defined order which can serve well and which you can just follow. There is an inherent wisdom here in that what is triggered within you will better serve your life’s purpose. We still need order after all, but the kind of order that has been institutionalized in our society and the thought patterns resulting from it can be highly reactionary and wrongfully expressed in the emotional body 


There are terms worth keeping, but they may need to be re-defined. Have our parents or family defined our relationships? Do we define ourselves by our religious fervour, define ourselves by our devotional and/or spiritual practices? Define ourselves through Ego gratification within third party interactions? A deeper connection to the infinite allows us to express the internal from the standpoint of truth, in an unabridged and undiluted manner, without wearing a conveniently available mask, one which will suppress the level of frequency we might otherwise be a channel for. So, I think the questions that arise when redefining terms are important ones, and this is a worthy discussion in the now as Pluto intensifies the energies of the other planets, as if to say “hey we need to go this way everybody.” We need to follow suit, but Uranus does not want to be in compliance. At the end of the day, with this kind of configuration, our sense of normalcy and our deepest sensibilities are challenged. Perhaps the fallout of this Saturn Pluto conjunction could be best described with breathing as a metaphor, where there is a compressed feeling and a difficulty along with a tightening up and a lack of blood flow. Indeed many may be feeling these sensations on a physical level, as in fact we are transforming / transmorphing our physical and energetic bodies into more complete forms of lucid expression. This speaks to us as clear as a bell: things will never be the same again. 

I can’t stress enough that if you get up in the morning and engage with the same old routines where maybe you don’t want to venture outside of your comfort zone because that’s where you feel safe and secure, then you are doing yourself a disservice, you are re-inscripting the hamster wheel modality, and no one wants to feel they are on that wheel pre-programmed to lead you nowhere, yet working hard and constantly surging and striving. To change this is not easy, but the first principle of self correction is to recognize and affirm to yourself that “I’m not the hamster, there is no wheel, I don’t have to run/pedal/forge ahead this way into more chaos. What we perceive as chaos may in fact be a kind of portal within this moment of change. Alchemists identified this as chaos magic. I think that the Saturn Pluto conjunction is a reflection of this shift and birthing a whole new range and a whole new octave of amplified chaos magic. The one thing that is apparent and obvious to many of us is that we’ve never felt so emotionally overwhelmed. Within that feeling of being overwhelmed by everything I look at people on the street, engaged as they are in the compartmentalized aspects of their lives, interacting with centralized supermarkets, gas stations, banks, schools and post offices, a dynamic which makes for a rather down, dejected, and depressed state of expression. The walking dead in Zombieland seems an apt metaphor for this. Sensory visual activation is always active, and you can’t feel what’s really there because you are wrapped up in it, and the heaviness of the need to justify, maintain, and sustain yourself to the best of your capabilities leaves most lost.  


Many live out this separation and high level detachment because they don’t know what they need to let go of. With regard to other aspects of the birthing of new realities, the current planetary conjunction solidifies into a particle of expression the importance and relevance of our dreaming state. We need to cut ourselves enough slack to better and more completely rejuvenate during the sleep cycles by releasing dopamine addictions and allowing serotonin/melatonin and the more alpha, beta and theta wave aspects of the sleep cycle to be amplified. I will be including this aspect as a part of the new series, dealing energetically with lucid states and expansive consciousness as the next chapter in the 7th Sense Podcast. Those who have more highly charged light aspects of being and those who have experienced a oneness with the Doppelganger separate from the shadow self, are better suited and available to have powerful lucid dreams, which offer us gateways to Kundalini awakening types of experiences. In dealing with the intrinsic goodness and truth when dealing with life we awaken into every day as one swimming in a fishbowl subservient to our programming, we begin to release the programming from our motherboard and kick out the preference system we have become addicted and accustomed to. In the now moment, as I go deeper and try to understand how the current situation is recalibrating my cellular memory and what it will ultimately mean during the course of the year I will be able to elaborate further. With the help of indigenous earth brothers and sisters, and with the support of friends such as two time PhD, dream artist, and astrophysicist Greg Delapaix and others I will gain more insights into the power of dreaming. Along with dreaming, shamanic journeying also offers many possibilities for further insight.  


These topics require a separate discussion as there are many aspects there which without a proper framework and guidance can lead people astray or into further delusionary thinking; we will thus set them aside for now. The conversation we are in right now, though it emerges in large part directly from my heart space is designed to illuminate the collective in a more general sense as to what is possibly going on in the world right now. There is delusion active and available within the human Genome with inherent or instilled desires to be safe and secure. Yet I don’t believe that human beings can really come to grips with and witness the liberating light of love if they are wrapped up and locked into programs of safety and security. I know first hand that the Saturn Pluto conjunction along with the really powerful new moon in Aquarius which is coming up on the 24th of January brings with it some very influential ramifications. This along with Uranus stationing direct in Taurus after being in retrograde for the last three months solidifies a transit that has been multiple years in the making. The stationing of the maverick planet of change Uranus in Taurus points to the apt metaphor of active volcanoes on Earth, along with other apocalyptic events and symbols, all pointing to the purification of floods and fires as we have seen first hand here in Australia and in other parts of the world. The answers to what is going on do not lie with the monologs of old school idealists, engineers, or the astrologists on YouTube, or online psychics and or spiritual practitioners. You are your greatest teacher! The answers you seek you will find lie within the unveiling of the deceptions and confusions within the chaos. To truly see, to move beyond the deceptions involves vision, it involves the light beyond the five senses, but it also involves the sounds beyond the filters of the five senses. As many now know, sound is possibly the greatest healer of all. Most depressed in the advancement of science is the science of sound. Certainly this is no accident but now, Saturn’s curriculum is asking for us to experience, assess, and evaluate much larger realms of experience beyond the five senses, beyond the illusory filters of mind and body. As we do the internal work we begin to exteriorize the internal. We begin to radiate and emanate at the highest octaves of our self expression, which others can draw upon and even contribute to.  


A fully charged photon light body is a well of infinite probability and possibility. Through all of our journeys with experiential shared realities, we arrive here at a junction which presupposes our ability to find the magic within the chaos, within the distortions, and within the conflict itself. Through our reconciliations between our head space and our heart space 

and within the expanse of our heart space and our etheric energy bodies, we emerge with the ability to share and contribute our soul energies to a better defined and greater good. This is the most beautiful and conscious outlook we could all have together. I’m going to leave it here for now and think more upon the emergence of these things.  

I plan to formulate a new series which expands upon the importance of doing this kind of work. As we do the work and as we connect with higher realms we allow the universe to well up from within and as a more sensitive support beneath us. We will navigate these uncharted waters together. We will find new destinations and ground ourselves within higher octaves of compassion and strength, as we continue to pour more love 3.0 into our unified energetic fields to express the truth of who we all really are both today and tomorrow.  

Thank you and blessings and love to all……. 

Mike Puskas

The 7th Sence Podcast

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