Getting fired up on life and feeling aligned! Cleansing our temple for the soul.

Sometimes you know you need to kick your own ass and get back on path to do the things that are tried and tested which get you fired up on life and feeling aligned!

Ive been a bit lost lately but had been having day’s where 6 out of 7 days felt in perfect flow as though your completely where you need to be in divine flow, that was shocking (esp considering my ex had left me a couple of months before!!!) for me having had a past with depression/stagnation etc to walk around with a grin on your face every day feeling like life is a breeze is lovely and effects others in the most beautiful way …im planning on heading back into that state of grace soon 🙂

Working with our food and addictions which is something most of us have to do each day is a sure way to say to the universe “Im willing” Im willing to do the work, via my “will power” I make healthy choices now and those healthy choices only lead to illumination and good future positive timelines! We really are the creator’s of our reality through our choices NOW!

I have often felt that for many, working with food and addictions and supressed emotions is the last stone unturned, one of the hardest things to admit and one of the deepest relaisations that our habitual patterns are effecting us more than we often realise.

You can do mantras you can call in angels of light, you can do exercises and yoga But working with addiction and cleansing the body/sacred temple is a sure way to say to god/the universe ..hey look im ready and im willing to grow! and trust me through that willingness (which will be seen by the universe) and that daily will power ones life and energy shifts in sometimes subtle and sometimes profound ways.

It is through that daily accumulation of positive choices that we rise up the ladder of conciousness or for the scientificly minded “evolution” we evolve at a more rapid rate.

I originaly came across Dan due to my own guidance over the years which had led me to adopt a mainly raw clean vegtables, fruits and nuts etc diet with no manufactured foods which led to so much more a positive outlook and energy in life.

Because of all the cycling I recently started eating cheese and more dried fruit, spanish omelettes, manufactured foods etc again

Which does not serve me so well.

I truly believe that we intuitively feel and know what our body needs but it’s not always so easy being honest with ourselves about what that actualy is and cultivating that kind of inner conection and senstivity to be able to discern and hear the voice of … Well our body and soul rather than that of the addictions and parasites in the body is at times an art.

So of corse a balanced body leads to a more balanced mind and emotional and energy bodies as in this life all thinfa are linked/connected.

For me there is no prescribed path to rejuvenation as it is about listening to ones body and really feeling into it as to what it wants and needs to come to life and energetically “glow”

With long term finding the right foods that serve well for some it can seem that the emotional sensitivity and venerability one feels can be stronger which is also rather interesting, city life (for those that find stress hard) tends to have people eating more numbing food to numb out the sences and make the things one feels more bearable. But for those who are wanting to heal from trauma/generational pain or just general healing I highly recommend looking to find out which foods are causing blockages and desensitization.

It can be hard becoming a more sensitive being but I truly feel it is whole heartedly worth it in the long run as Intuition/emotional sensitivity lead to a more aware human being on many levels.

Dan has always inspired me to do it to get back on track, now I will limit the cycling more and eat that which resonates with the spirit again more.

I would like to meet Dan one day on Hawaii im sure it will be 😀

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