Radiant Vitality podcast with Mara Lemurian. A chat about Food, Juicing, healing & emotions (2020-04-10)

A chat about the lockdown and its positive effects. Eating natural and healthy foods, Juicing, healing with foods for clarity and emotional balance Thankyou for Mara Lemurian for her Contribution to the channel! as we learnt so much!    

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Getting fired up on life and feeling aligned! Cleansing our temple for the soul.

Sometimes you know you need to kick your own ass and get back on path to do the things that are tried and tested which get you fired up on life and feeling aligned! Ive been a bit lost lately but had been having day’s where 6 out of 7 days felt in perfect flow as though your completely where you need to be in divine flow, that was shocking (esp considering my ex had left me […]

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Coping mechanisms and addictions

Another post that will probably affirm my ‘nutter’ status again to those who already see me that way…I want to talk about addictions again, especially the apparently ‘innocent’ addictions. I’ve just eaten a bowl of polenta, it was just a little sunflower oil, some mixed spices (cinnamon etc) and half a banana added to the polenta. I guess for most people that would seem a pretty healthy meal, but it is surprising how sedating it is. Akin […]

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