Chanting, Inner child healing and forgiveness prayer’s deep in the New Forest, Hampshire

So I just felt very called to say if not just for me to remember for myself that last night was very powerful. I took the bike I have been building up in order to travel into Europe deep into the forest and did some Chanting, Prayer’s  and Inner child healing.

The ride out was very exiting for me, for one I had not ridden a bike for some time and two I was anxious to get into the forest and have some real time!

What was interesting to me was that I shifted through various aspects of personality/being/other selves while in almost like a trance state, this state was almost certainly guided and helped along by mother earth and her energy.  I have known for a long time now that I needed to follow the call to not just spend time but “be” out in nature, deeply held in the sacred vibration and timelessness out there in order to work with her energy and also my own higher self + other spirit’s who are here to help us.

After having had such a long dark night of the soul from at-least 16 to 26 I find it so inspiring, filling me with gratitude that finally at 36 I now feel strongly guided and helped along by ..who knows what exactly, I expect a number of the above, Ancestors, higher self, other spirit helpers.

For those of us following our heart right now, for those of us able to hear the call and actually do something about it we are very lucky to be able to see the way out of the maze of delusion that we see in the modern world and find that our heart and a grander purpose awaits and guides us, this is an exiting time and if you are reading this feeling stuck in the mud, all I can say is if you can come into alignment with that inner connection you WILL find grace, bliss and an ability to take the pain and the joy and fully experience it without fear or resistance! this is a beautiful time and I cannot emphasize enough the need to connect with nature especially for those sensitive souls and empaths. We have a gift to bring and nature helps us balance and remember the truth of those things of which we hold deepest and truest in our heart, she is as I have heard may times recently “calling her children home” so I advise all who feel the call to go get grounded and get into nature to be truly grounded spirit/life force in the body!

Last night while singing I was sure of an Angel by my side, I do not usually talk about angels as have only felt them around a couple of times, some say they are illusionary but I know they are not 🙂 there are loving beings of all kinds here with us and by our side and to connect and sense them around is truly exiting and an amazing thing to me! it seemed to me that the chanting was protecting the energy body and allowing gaia to work with me better, many times I had shivers all over the body which was a beautiful feeling, I prayed to the earth, I sent forgiveness to all those who I have felt hurt by in my life and I told the universe that I am willing to do whatever it takes to connect deeper with the soul, help the planet and those around me.

I would like to just mention the factors for me that allow me to channel the highest and purest.

Nature all around, especially trees!

Lots of fresh air

Lots of space from people unless they are vibrating in a similar space

Space from all kinds of man made noise pollution

Deep breathing


Those are factors that we do not often get for prolonged time, the AIR element I feel strongly brings energy into everything we do, clarity, a sharper focused mind. I feel that air has a spirit of great strength which continually circulates in our system and revitalizes/connects us to our spirit.

This is deep work “we” our soul tribe are doing and living in the real world (nature) as often as possible is a very very powerfully thing, hence why I love to live almost exclusively in the wild for periods of time.
The lack of circulation in house air in my opinion leads to stagnation on many levels.

Time in nature is so important on so many levels, living out is another thing alltogether this may not be others way but it sure is my way. 🙂

The last video here is a little bit more of this first night out in the wild with my bike, I would like to say that I am still getting used to letting go into the flow I do not yet know how to do the work I am here to do, how to bring or allow the pressence of the ancestors to make themselves felt through the voice and beingness. This is all new to me yet I strongly feel called to do this work! Through sound, breathwork and meditation. Much love to all and please do share the post if you liked it 🙂










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