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Pretty vast subject isn’t it? Where do you start?

I’m going to start with where I am at the moment. I have just had a revisit, to remind myself why I choose not to eat wheat-type products. As we manage to get more information and articles up here on the site you will find out that the effects of food have been one of the big areas that Riki and I have been working with. I need to do an introductory article really to speak about these things, but I want to wade on in about wheat and baked products as I have just had some Spelt pastry and it has shown me again how much it weakens my system and increases psychic interference.

In our years of becoming aware of the roles of various food types in the dumbing down of humanity, we have found many food items that we feel have been messed with to create particular effects in humans. Wheat itself is a big one. We have spent a lot of time traveling over the last 4 years and no matter where we go the same addictions are there to things like cakes, sugar, pastry, bread, coffee and high fat/carb mixes…such as bombay mix or crisps etc. This held true in Peru as it did in Sri Lanka as it did in France, and Spain and on the Canary Islands. Why are these types of food so vastly consumed all over the world?

When we first started on our food journey together I was weighing in at a rather large 20 stone. I had been using food for many years as my go-to drug for comfort and to numb trauma feelings. I had thought that this was just my own pain and my own way of numbing that pain, but now I know differently. We started on a long journey of cutting out various foods and simplifying how we ate. Initially we went from highly flavoured food to eating simple foods like rice with lentils, no salt, no flavourings. We then went on to a largely raw diet, again of course no processed foods. I lost 10 stone in the space of a year and it brought up a lot of difficult emotions and experiences that I had to work through. Over-eating/compulsive eating is often due to wanting to put a protective cushion between yourself and the world that you don’t feel safe in. I’ll do another article about that at some point. Over-eating is also often due to the spirit attachments and the other beings who are affecting our body systems and pulling our emotional strings.

When people can be made to feel unsafe, unhappy, afraid, ashamed, insecure in any way they then tend to reach for something to make those feelings go away. If it isn’t drugs or alcohol that people reach for it can be cigarettes, coffee, shopping, pornography or food. And that is often the biggie.

We are constantly bombarded with adverts for foods. Every street we walk down has food shops of all kinds and restaurants/cafes…it is so deeply pervasive through our lives that it is very seldom we would ever stop to consider it or question it. What better way is there to control the masses than to control their food and water supplies? Whatever substances people ingest affects them in many ways. It is hard to really see and realise that as most of us have been weaned as children onto sugary foods, onto wheat products onto a whole host of food items that might not really have been as good for us as our (deeply-conditioned) parents thought they were. When something is so ‘normal’ why question it? It is like the giant rainbow-unicorn prancing about in the centre of the room that we are very good at ignoring…partly because everyone ELSE is ignoring it and we don’t want to look silly by being the one to bring it up…but also because we don’t really WANT to see it! We like our food. We don’t want to have to make choices that take away substances that we like. But what if those foods really were drugging you and numbing your senses and dumbing down your awareness? What then? Do we care enough about our truth and our Soul/Spirit path to give up those foods which feed the things in our systems that AREN’T us?

So many people can go from one miraculous diet to another right through their lives in a bid to lose weight or to get healthier or better skin or whatever other image thing the media has flooded us with. This diet, that diet. It is a fantastic money-spinner for those in power. Keep the little people feeling insecure and not-good-enough, keep them feeling fat and ugly and unacceptable and they will keep buying diet products…and they will keep feeling unfulfilled so they will still buy all the food crap anyway! Double bonus!

Even for those people who don’t have weight concerns food can still be a real pull and carry strong addictions. Caffeine is a very strong drug. I was given cups of tea even as a very young child. It wasn’t questioned. Everyone drinks tea. It is only when you totally stop your caffeine consumption that you realise the strength of the drug, when the withdrawal headaches kick in.

This is such a big subject. So many of our foods are deliberately engineered to be addictive, to be numbing to release feel-good hormone responses in the brain to keep us coming back for more. The money side of things is only one aspect. The main thing that concerns me is how much these foods dumb down our awareness and lower our vibration. As I said earlier we tried some spelt pastry today. I had thought it might be ok…after all it is Spelt, not wheat. It was organic. I made it myself, only wholemeal spelt flour, olive oil and water. What could be wrong with that? It left us feeling very heavy, hard to breathe, motivation low, psychic interference raised. Not great!

Most people are so full of toxins from years of eating foods that are alien really to our true body system that they cannot tell the effect a food has on them. They are so used to feeling certain ways that another mars bar makes no odds, or another coffee, or another slice of toast, or another steak. Their systems are so numb and in lasting shock that the quiet message ‘this is no good for you’ does not get heard. If we don’t start to take away those numbing foods, that quiet voice never gets the chance to be heard at all.

In our time experimenting with diet the things we have found to have the greatest ‘unhelpful’ effects on the system are (in no particular order) as follows:

Bread/wheat products


Dairy products, especially cheese

Flesh food


Processed foods/additives

…and these are only a few. Most of our food is so far removed now from it’s natural state and form that it is very hard for our body systems to recognise it as a real food source. The human body has to spend so much time and energy attempting to digest and detoxify the body system every day due to what we put into ourselves. When so much energy is going towards those things, how much do you think is left for ‘higher’ pursuits? How much energy is left to raise your vibration and tap into your spirit-knowing? How much energy is left to channel your soul into creating a piece of inspiring music or art? Not much. Most people tend to have about enough energy left after their evening meal to collapse down in front of the TV for a few hours. Not exactly surprising then the state of things in this world.

While people are in that state…sedated from heavy meals it leaves it easier for spirit attachments and manipulations to get a stronger hold. It also makes it easier for those that are in power on this planet to keep us like passive farm animals. While we keep eating and eating we will never see the cage around us and we will never bring to this planet the beautiful gifts that we longed to bring at a soul level.

Everything we take into ourselves has an effect…from the media-food on the tv going into our brains to the physical food on our plates going into our bodies. Ultimately we are responsible for what we choose to consume and how we choose to then be in this Earth life. It would be so sad to go back to Spirit and realise that we could have brought so much joy and light to the Earth…if only we had managed to put down the baguette!

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