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and in my opinion … We share this planet with many lifeforms, many we are unaware of many are not visible with our eyes, the physical world is merely a playground for life to experience itself in. The history of life on this earth and beyond is of unfathomable depth like a great woven tapestry that goes back eons and eons .. in our daily lives most of us will never get chance to be aware of that and it’s not our fault (well not just our fault) we’ve lost a lot thu the ages even still many of us never lost our heart and desire for good will. I truly belive that any of us should we choose to can understand our place on this earth and what we came here to do any of us can realise the magnificence of the intire creation/cosmos we are all capable of remembering where we come from and where we can go and which choices will move us closer to the desired destination. we are alive .. its a gift We, our bodies, life is sacred and special.
I don’t know anyone who’s not half asleep and conditioned to be a cog in this machine we call reality. Every day we give our power away to addictions media and bullshit that keeps those in power … In power. We are practically giving our money to companies and people who are unbalanced and put the love for money above all else. Now what I’m most afraid of is just how dumbed down and deceived the masses are even those who are intelligent in other areas of life. Our attention from day one here has been shifted toward that which interests and supports those with money and power. I’m quite concerned about how naive people can be. And how they label people who just have Even the slightest bit of awareness conspiracy nuts or mentally unstable…. The whole way we see people is effected by the years of conditioning we have had from school media parents etc. I’ve yet to meet anyone who is in a healthy way physically mentally and emotionally and those that think they are sound can be some of the most lost and in denial. The fact I’ve not met anyone in a good high vibration without issues suggests that perhaps humanity somewhere has got misguided and pulled away from its truth. Otherwise explain the state we are in ? We have science technology and all kinds of wonders yet somehow it does not satisfy .. somehow the issues run deeper than currently they can answer.
BTW before you read any of my posts note I’m not just focusing on the negative there’s loads of positive in our world nature and society…. Also if you feel I’m a conspiracy nut that’s fine but it might be worth noting that some people are not like that some of us are trying to help wake the world up from a long deep dream and that part of this dream is the program to automatically Shut the door on people who look outside of the box and label them a nut! The system must go on … Those who are different are nuts !! You could say that mother nature is your mother and was for all of our history then you could also say that society is like your adopted mother who’s only in it for the money and doesn’t really care about your well-being it’s not that the idea that a society is a bad one the problem is that our society is controlled by people in power who should not have the right to do so! People who’s care is only of money and not all rich people are like this. But unfortunately we have let money be of more importance than love truth etc we let the greedy run the show! And they know it. now we have to pay Money for everything ! Even to take a Shit ! You could say that this is reality and that I don’t accept it and I could say that I see the need for change and that the answer to the problems are not to be found in the usual arguments everyone goes on about. We were born on a planet full of nature we were born to live with it and now we fit into a world that is man made living lives that man dictated we live. we go to school and learn things which are acceptable to learn with only a little scope outside of the box. This is fine but some of us know there’s a better way. We are never taught to look within for answers or trust ourselves for to do so the corrupt economy would fall. it is only by our willingness and closed mindedness not seeing the truth that’s keeping them in power. It should never have got to this point on this planet that we put being cool being fake being an advert for commerciality above a noble cause above things that truly matter. I think a lot of us would realise were not content with thus way of life and that there’s a lot to be improved if we all stopped drinking coffee smoking and eating the crap that we call food mower days . we are semi asleep and docile we accept the reality and lives we live as normal and we get toys if we be good citizens we get material goods if we play the game right and we get acceptance from others who play the game. It’s funny that we are advertising brand names all the time in our clothing and that we think that this means something. No it’s not trendy it’s not any more cool than making your own clothes it’s only cool because they would like you to believe that so we all go buy more and consume more. hey I’m not saying its wrong but I see a call for change. Another thing is addictions were led around by them whenever I eat better and less numbing foods I start to wrote posts like this. In other words a lot of the food I eat and can get dumb me down. so yeah bread cheese sweet foods and coffee tea etc are nice but just be aware a lot of the foods we eat especially in the amounts we eat them are putting us more to sleep making us placid and more accepting of so called reality. I won’t stop writing my posts on facebook or wherever because I feel there’s atleast something if truth to be found in my posts. 🙂
Just a delusional rant from me 🙂 (forgot to take my medication to shut my awareness down!!! 🙂 It’s so obvious that humans were stupid in the past I mean look at us now, fast cars, computers, mobile phones, high pressure jobs, money, materialism, TV, controlling governments, KFC. The past and our ancestors were so shallow. I mean looking at the stars for what ? Sharing stories down the generations …How boring and spending time in nature connecting with mother earth what’s that about ? That’s for creatures of the earth and were beyond that now ! And what’s this stuff about a deeper meaning in life and love ? Man that’s so last century like get with the times.. science and technology are kings!!! And have all the answers. We have it all now and that shows we are the master race … Obviously we’re in control and all the other species should get that !!! Lol We’ve moved beyond our tribal nature and belief in demons, angels and spirits haha spirits!! Our ancestors were all lunatic with mental health issues !!! Many of them even profess to talk to spirits eh nuts so glad we got real!!! So glad we know Better now. Seriously Tho folks if it’s true that they do exist and we’ve become dumber in some ways EG more intellectual and less aware of other realms and less intuitive. I know some of us gonna kick ourselves when we get to heaven and realise that all the tribes of the world were right that there is life beyond death etc. The modern material world cares not if such things and I truly feel modern man is so disconnected from his own spirit he believes only the world of matter to now exist. In other words man has fallen so far into the illusions of this world that he can no longer connect with the life in the other dimensions around us and thus believes the reality in this waking world that can be felt with the normal senses to be the one and only master reality. This I know to be false .. seriously I know and experience the after life in my every day reality. Which makes me officially loony in modern terms. ..crazy along with the rest of men and women that go back before the modern world’s last few hundred years since we got real and industrial or should I say fell asleep. It’s funny when you look at it we’ve only not belived in a spirit within us or without us in the last hundred years or so ? Anyone know ? This is scary to me because if that world is real then we have shut the door on reality and that may cause a lot of problems down the line. Shutting the door on reality sounds pretty delusional to me !!! Mmmm hang on think I need another smokes coffee will do they all seem good. Oh Shit where’s my meds too things are getting a bit too real in this post! thank god for them! (Of course we’re not a nation who are trying to get away from reality!!!) Or to explain again …. “If spirit exist (within or without us) which I personally know to be true (don’t worry I’ll call the mental health team later :-), then I fear that the modern world may be in for trouble in the future as denying this realm and shutting the door on it is like shutting the door on reality. if the spirit world is real then we could say that it’s possible that we are currently living in some kind of delusional state where we believe what we see hear smell touch etc to be the only truth … This could be dangerous to live in such denial of reality…perhaps just as dangerous as it is to talk to people who believe in or see spirits who obviously have mental health problems!. ” Shhhh Riki don’t give anything away .don’t trust facebook… Delete this post it doesn’t look good on your CV!!! Your next potential boss might look at it and turn you down a job lmao… OR People might see it and think your nuts !!! They might take you AWAY OMG AWaY?? Nooooooooooooooo…………… Not cool bro not cool. Chill … Take this med…there … Think of pizza and TV…. And doughnuts with ice cream … Mmmmmmmmm donuts with chocolate ice cream ….. Do do da da dum dum…. Chocolate ice cream.. Happy happy Control room ……. Looks like he’s asleep now good work thank god for that …. up his dose…….. What!! Are you crazy ?? I said up his dose we better watch this one he’s determined to wake up.

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