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I think/Feel .. that life is a very special gift and I am very grateful to be living in this amazing body that’s kept going for years. I think the body is a sacred thing and by no means biology alone or if it is, biology carries something so profoundly deep within it that it connects with the fabric of space its self! that would be the only way to describe what Ive personaly felt. We only get to live this particular life once in this way, well as far as we know not taking in account parallel universes ? lol but anyway point is. I used to smoke weed every day and have a drink here and there. but as Ive grown older Ive realized that I have to treat my body well. its a very special gift to live in this life and we can especially after healing traumas and pains begin to open up even more into our truth and talents which I guess is part of the reason we are here on the planet. To bring ourselves, our own selves Not to be a cardboard cutout of what we see in a magazine (unless of corse that feels right too!) but to be who we truly are. EG me I need to bring my music as that’s what my heart and soul channels into. anyways Im sure you knows all this. Each one of us has a gift to bring even if its just our smile and life is a gift the more pain free you are, but when in the grips of depression and hell our “soul loss” it can seem empty and meaningless so we then want to fill the void with something, anything often. There came a time when i realized no matter how much I try to fill a void the void was there, none of those things could fill it only love only light only truth. Ive made a choice now to make “life giving choices” as someone once said. Just thought id share 🙂
We live in a world where in any moment we can switch on a TV and find out what’s going on anywhere in the world, watch a documentary about deep space, go to school, get a masters degree, find out about how the body works and so on and so on and yet still not know who we are, what were doing here on the planet or what’s going on inside our heart, emotions…. Or know ourselves.

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