2010 – Weed (slightly sarcastic and i used to be a smoker)

big it up big it up big it up…..Im dying! big it up big it up big it up …..Im dying …dont u worry man just smoke your stuff one hit of this and you,ll have it sussed. wooah wooah wooah woaah im flying, i cant feel a thing cos im numbed but im flying!. wooah wooah wooah wooah im flying while im getting high and loose myself my old life is dying.
omg its dying how cool is that i dont have to worry anymore cos im so high i don’t even know who i am! yay for weed
we all smoke it we all toke it come on join with us u wont have to be alone in the smoker room.
smoookin my life away, every time my life gets hard i hit the bong, smooookin my life away oh how fun it is when i hit hit hit that high 😀

lol shit that was bit sarcastic ? maybee not hey just expressing lol no offence to weed i just dont smoke it anymore lol

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