Who/what is making your decisions?

This will be a longer post at some point but I wanted to put something down quite quickly before I head out.

We were realising again yesterday how strongly the influences and suggestions in our system are affecting our behaviour.  Most people are aligning with other energies without even realising it is happening at all.  Riki and I are fairly aware of the things that are happening on the Earth, but it is still a shock at times to realise how much we have been ‘walked around’ and acted through.

It was highlighted again yesterday when we were in my parent’s kitchen.  My mum had the TV on (it is an open-plan kitchen so it leads straight into the living room) and our attention kept getting pulled to it.  We were trying to have a conversation but both of us kept getting our attention pulled to the TV.  I had thought at first that it was just the nature of the TV…’look at me’  ‘look at me’….but we realised that the controlling energies in our systems are WANTING us all tuned in to the television as it is one of the greatest controlling mediums they use.

For a long time I have bemoaned the craziness of people in their TV watching habit.  I had felt they were nuts to have those devices in their homes and nuts to be plugging themselves in to the every day….but I realise now it isn’t the human/soul who is choosing to plug into the TV, it is the attachments inside them.  The possessing energies/entities or the control agenda programming want the human plugged into the television PROGRAMS….it isn’t called programs for no reason!

Most people truly believe they are not affected by what they see on the TV or read in a newspaper/magazine but it isn’t true.  EVERYTHING we see/hear and take in to us is stored within our subconscious and shapes our perspective and beliefs about the world.  People’s version of ‘normal’ or ‘real’ is mainly dictated to them through what they see/hear in the media around them and from the people around them who are also plugged in to the media.

Public relations has long been used as a way to control the mass consciousness of the humans on the planet.  We are being shaped and groomed all the time.   If you ever start to step outside of this programming you will start to come up against the agencies who wish you to stay like passive cows in your field being milked.  The world starts to look VERY different when you unplug more…both more beautiful, but also you start to see the control extremely clearly…and to be honest it is pretty scary at times when you see everyone walking around like switched-off zombies!

So…back to the point quickly as I need to head out.  The decision to switch on that TV and ‘relax’ (ie go offline into a semi-altered state of consciousness…measurable by science!) is not likely to be your own.  At a soul level we do not wish our life experience here to be one of a puppet.  We want to be in our truth and our power.  Awareness of these things is our first step in taking our power back again.

Think before you flip the switch…or rather press the remote control button…on the device they are remotely controlling you with!!

With love, as always

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