Possessing Entities

I’ve noticed people who have stronger entities possessions find it hard when you talk about the subject. The reason is simple, in many cases they’ve remained hidden within the person most of their life talking about the subject the possessing entities try to deflect and push away the conversation. Does a thief or criminal want to be seen and have the covercover blown? Signs of possession are Warped sexuality Mood swings Violent outbursts Addictions Acting totally out of character Finding the idea of possession a joke Becoming secretive with those one used to be open with.(disconnecting a person from family isolation works well) Reaccuring relationship troubles. Hatred at people who make people aware or this topic. In my experience the majority of people I’ve ever met have manipulation in varying degrees from forces outside of them. They cause discord between people create troubles that lead to traumatic events in life. Divorces, suicidal feelings, I didnt get this info from the net it’s based on exeriance and unfortunately most times I post about this on facebook I get trouble for it. Because I too have possessions who don’t like me making people aware of the possibility. Well tough ! Lol People think possession is only something which happens with the people who are most psychology damaged or perhaps put the blame on just trauma in my experience this is not so. Some of the people which we call most sane people I’ve met have influences around them. Cheers Riki

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