Spirit Possession

Trauma, soul loss (cover ups), Spirit Possession and other day to day life stuff!

A video about soul loss and spirit attachments following any kind of trauma, talking about the experience of feeling those things and the need to take control back of our own bodies and energy systems and control back over our choices in life.   Video talks about how possessing energies shield and cover up that the hurt human is needing help. Also talks a little about our own ways to help ourselves.    

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Possessing Entities

I’ve noticed people who have stronger entities possessions find it hard when you talk about the subject. The reason is simple, in many cases they’ve remained hidden within the person most of their life talking about the subject the possessing entities try to deflect and push away the conversation. Does a thief or criminal want to be seen and have the covercover blown? Signs of possession are Warped sexuality Mood swings Violent outbursts Addictions Acting totally out […]

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