The New Dawn is coming!


The time has nearly come for me to piss people off..expressing my truth…still waiting for the inner strength. But can’t wait forever…. We have a lot of work to do on this planet… Time to wake up! Time to take our planet back from the assholes running the show and the dark forces working thru us all… The ignorance of the western world and our societies is coming slowly to an end. We will stand and fight for our planet if we have to either way life will survive but it will be lot better if we choose the path where we don’t have to destroy ourselves and listen to the warnings our native people on this planet have been giving us for years..greed etc

Somewhere inside we know what needs to be done it’s a mess out there what we call reality… Nice cake with icing yet inside is built from rubbish… Consumerism buy buy buy… Slave children in other countries producing our goods. We’re so blind to it all and it’s not our fault. No human can be at ease inside because our souls know what we are doing is out of line with higher self.

No dark spirit attachment likes a person speaking out.. Well there we go act of rebellion right there lol can’t shut me up 🙂

I tend to not write much at moment on here bacause like many healers, lightworkers I get such a barrage of psychic attack the next day(s) that I wonder if it’s worth it. Yet I know inside I must not shut up especially when there’s an epidemic going on right in front if our eyes. Being slowly lulled to sleep by the mass consumerism disease while the foods turn us into useless zombies etc. It’s not right to just sit and watch humanity fall apart as it destroys it’s very own inviroment it needs to live!

33 years of my life and I’m sick of the cars the supermarkets the shops full of useless shit saying buy me buy me I mean what the fuck!! the construct! It’s the same everywhere it’s a system! One that works one that makes the rich richer and the rest dumber and so in learning all that’s screwed up thankyou we can now look at that which we do want more in our lives. Clean air, clean water, nature, happiness, space, life, equality.

We are going to forge a new future people and we WILL start looking after this planet. because we are fucking strong and enough of us care to make this change.

Those of us who care are going to unite and this worldwide brotherhood of humanity are going to steer this earth onto a new timeline. Because we want it, because we care.. Because like in the movies love will always win.

You can’t stop millions who want thier freedom back. We answer to gaia to mother earth and the stars not our government not our Sargent not the business man….we have a higher calling here on this planet.

This is the new dawn the new era.

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  1. Well said Riki!!
    You aren’t alone. We are oh so many.
    The bright Dawn comes after the dark of night and nothing can hold it back.
    Blessed Be all ways. <3

  2. Hi, I just sorted out the contact page, all work in progress
    Im going to check out the other blog creation software you mention, I avoided wordpress for years lol

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