Trilogy Unlocked (Part 1) RISE [2023]

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The New Album “RISE” is part one of a three-part series all recorded in
[High-resolution audio 48 kHz/24-bit] download as CD Quality download (FLAC and WAVE files)

This album “Rise” from an album trilogy marks the shift and a bridge merging of the older material in the back catalog influenced by Classic Rock, Blues, Funk and Soul and gradually bringing in more of the Singer/Songwriter, sound healing and spiritual music influence. It’s rare in 2023 to hear an album with such an original raw 70’s authentic vibe.

This album has a real flavour of that immersion from the early days and pays respects to where we came from, as the three albums here progress the change to the newer material will become evident with the next two albums “Heyana” and “The New Dawn”



1. I’m Going Up (Album Version) – Riki Buckingham
2. This is Love – Riki Buckingham
3. You Got Me All Wrong – Riki Buckingham
4. Island Of Light – Riki Buckingham
5. If I Don’t Make it – Riki Buckingham
6. Spirit Of Man – Riki Buckingham
7. Free My Soul – Riki Buckingham

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Thankyou for checking out my album!

Like most things, there is a story to be found here.

One of trial, challenge, loss and triumph!



After the shock at the sudden end of a twelve-year relationship, I felt I needed a big change. I decided to cycle, alone, down through France and Spain.  I wild-camped every night on random land, busked each day and slowly soaked in and integrated everything that had happened previously on my travels.

I still remember clearly the feeling of freedom and excitement as I crossed the countries, the weather getting warmer as I went south. Crossing the Pyrenees mountains was super challenging, but so rewarding.  There are so many stories I could tell here, and I will one day, but suffice to say my travels strongly influenced the recordings found on these albums.

Some of the songs on this trilogy of albums were conceived on the trip; a journey that truly deepened my inner strength and resilience alongside an incredible deepening of the love I already had for nature.

After three months of being out in the wild I was ready to come home and build a new life; but, the month after I returned, the covid situation struck and the country was locked down.  It was during this strange world-changing time that I started recording the three albums.

I purchased a very expensive U47 microphone and a Prism Titan recording interface. Then, using makeshift duvet bedding, I turned my bedroom into a soundproof recording studio! This gave a nice, neutral, dead and clear vocal and guitar sound – the closest one could get to a professional set-up.

I firstly set out to lay down drum patterns for 23 songs, which took 7 months! It was then time to put down bass and guitar parts. I purchased a 5 string bass specially for these recordings. The bass and guitar tracks took another three months at least 🙂

It was then time to put the vocals down but I did not have lyrics completed, so I spent a few weeks working on lyrics for half of the songs on this trilogy of albums.  Songs like ‘Sunrise’, ‘Heyana’ and ‘Times are changing’, that you will hear in the later albums, were really worked on during this time. With other songs I kept the raw spirit of improvisation strong.

I have tried to create a balance between keeping the rawness and magic alive whilst also having good production and a clean sound.  Having recorded music since the age of 16, with over 13 albums and no lessons in sound engineering, I can now say, that at 40 years old, I am finally getting my head around the art of recording!

This first album is more grounded in nature. The second and third albums in this ‘Trilogy Unlocked’ set, have a few songs that focus more on the deeper nature of reality, and reveal more of the inner workings of my soul-self.

The albums here were created with the intention of making music that is enjoyable for the listener whilst also honouring myself, and my own vision, for how the songs should unfold. They are also, at times, an experiment in how we can keep songs that are long in length, and often full of changes, interesting.

This has been done well with the song ‘The New Dawn’ on the third album of this trilogy, clocking in at 26 minutes. It’s a treat!, a magnum opus of songs, a unique and rare thing to hear in 2023.

This first album makes for a nice transition between the older material I have released, and what is to come on parts two and three of this trilogy. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂



1. I’m Going Up (Album Version) – Riki Buckingham
2. You Got Me All Wrong – Riki Buckingham
3. This is Love – Riki Buckingham
4. Island Of Light – Riki Buckingham
5. If I Don’t Make it – Riki Buckingham
6. Spirit Of Man – Riki Buckingham
7. Free My Soul – Riki Buckingham




The uplifting, big sound, feel-good factor, funky, soulful, house party track “I’m Going Up” is a Light-hearted, fun, Inspiring Celebration! The unique style of UK artist Riki Buckingham is his ability to bridge different audiences with a background of fans in the new age/alternative scene with its deeper life messages into a broader mix of everyday people relating to the funkier side of his upbeat groove & sexy rhythmic tones.

An original, classic let’s get up and ‘Have It’ number!

The message of this song is simple, learning from mistakes in life, taking a leap of faith and making a change, facing fears and getting back on track with the mission.



Raw and unpolished and full of attitude. “You Got Me All Wrong” has been on the set list for many years and went down well at gigs and open mics often played with Laurence Cummins on the bass. Sadly Laurence dies before we could get a proper recording done, his bass playing is not featured on any of the albums as the two recordings we did including this song got lost however some live recordings do exist and will be released in the future.

This song is a bit of a nod to how people can have preconceived ideas and judgments of how others are living life with having no actual idea of what others are going through.

The recording take you hear here is the first take I did, with so many other songs making up this Trilogy of albums I had to prioritize my time and let this song stay with its original, raw and rocking state.



A chilled romantic summer song about the first moments of love, inspiring, uplifting and magical moments.

The song starts off with an indie soul kind of vibe then transitions into a bossa-nova theme, really giving an image of some kind of paradise island walking with a partner on the beach.



Here is another fun and uplifting song done in the classic Riki style, the lyrics are mostly improvised and turn out a little different at each live show

Here in England, winter can be a real drag and I have felt such a calling to warmer places much of my life

I really tried to dive into the feeling of a paradise island and how it feels to have no responsibilities or pressures!



Here is a deep classic blues song in a minor key

I was hesitant if to add this song to the album as I always felt the term “If I don’t make it” was a bit defietist but to be honest the song is very raw and authentic.

A message of loss and longing, relationship troubles and a split, very typical blues but there’s a reason so many love this kind of blues still.

Don’t be afraid to play in the minor key, I say!



For the grand finalie we stay in the minor key and rock things up.

Spirit of Man is an epic 15-minute 70’s classic rock-inspired piece, soaring lead guitars and solos, Hammond organ, and powerful vocals, themed around the need for humanity to fight for freedom, truth, and spirit.

A calling to the male to step into his power and calling the spirit of woman to bring her innate gifts and teach us how to live with respect and the right relationship with all life.

Up until this point, this album has been easy on the listener but this song has the intensity and power of spirit that is really what I’m all about, the serious tone and intensity is something I love in music.

Capturing magic music in today’s age with so much artificial manipulation, so many options and choices to get lost in and perhaps a lack of fire and spirit in the population has become a challenge but I think all will agree that this song has captured something very raw, moving and powerful.

I would say it had been done a lot in the early 70s and this is where I have taken a lot of inspiration from the breakdown at 10 minutes is very reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s live shows and Im proud to have recreated that as a solo musician using computerized drums! The build-up section is also a nod and recognition to the band “Colosseum” and the great work they put out in the early 70’s with a Prog-Jazz Rock Flavour

Thanks to my Father who plays keyboards and Organ on this song ahhhh the joys of having a musical father who just gets it!

Rock on!



For the last song we go back to three years before all this material began to hear a 2023 remix that I felt called to include here.

“Free my soul” had been an anthem for many years and a kind if therapy to sing, the fire of which would always get me back in my flow and remind me what lifes is all about.

After traveling and living in a tent in various countries for a few years with my then partner Kathrin and I decided to settle in a little static van in south England and I began to record three songs breaking all the sabotage to getting it done.

The lyrics are deep and hold an important message 🙂 time to get in our power!

I really couldn’t resist going back and remixing this song.

Well, that’s all folks, hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to share the music far and wide 🙂



Riki Buckingham – Songwriting, Lyrics, Drum Programming, Bass, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals & Backing Vocals, Mixing, Recording and artwork.
John Buckingham – Keyboards Tracks 6 & 7 Josh Roots – Keyboard Track 1
Sara Goldy – Backing Vocals tracks 2, 3, 5, 6
Kathrin Atkinson – Backing Vocals track 7


Recording and production gear

Prism Sound Titan Interface (Recording DAW)
U47 Clone Microphone (vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar)
Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge (Guitar amplification)
B&W DM16 Vintage speakers (monitoring)
Jean Hiraga – Class-A amplifier self built (Monitoring)
Beryodynamic DT 770 Pro (Headphone mixing)
Studio One (Recording Software)
Superior Drummer (Drum Programming software)


I’m not a graphics designer but the artwork was interesting to create, I found royalty-free pictures and put them together in Canva, the angel symbolises the mourning of the past, the picture in the middle symbolises the merging of two worlds, the Pheonix is rising and humanity is walking (mad and woman united) into and taking a new direction which is also what I am doing with the changes in the albums to come.

It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new one!

For the Facebook extended art version, the orbs on the left are the spirits rising and the light is coming in from above and the angel now has a halo over the head!


Thankyou to..

Thank you to Mike Puskas and Kathrin Atkinson and Sara Goldy for the countless mixes I sent to you, your critical ear, your support and your encouragement, to Mireia Buxo for her sharing and encouragement and helping me see things a another way.

Thankyou to my Mum for her positive encouragement and ability to handle listening to banging drum samples for 7 months without going insane!

Thankyou to the passers-by while busking the songs on the street, playing the gigs and events.

Thankyou for the fans and friends

Thankyou to my fighting spirit and ancestors pushing me on to complete this project and not loose faith, putting a lot of time and effort into a non-paying venture like this and maintaining your own focus and drive can be a harder thing to do than following orders from your boss at work. 😀 Trust me, its easier to follow orders but pulling off a major task like this took some effort and I think its payed off 🙂

Thanks all





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