Free My Soul [EP] (2023)


The original “Free Me Soul” was an epic anthem often requested back in the days of open mics up in Cumbria and then in Dorset jamming with Laurence Cummins at Elijah’s open mic nights.

The song is about breaking free from our fears and becoming who we truly are meant to be.

The other songs here never made it to an album and were never finished, I pulled them together to create this EP of RAW material

“Every word was true” was recorded on the phone! and “Celebrate this life a song whos chords begun from jamming with Daygan in Glastonbury, will turn into an epic song of spiritual upliftment in the future, here in its first stages.

CD Quality download (FLAC and WAVE files)

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Riki Buckingham – Songwriting, Lyrics, Drum Programming, Bass, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals & Backing Vocals, Mixing, Recording and artwork.
John Buckingham – Keyboards Tracks 1 and 6
Kathrin Atkinson – Backing Vocals track 1 and 6
Daygan Robinson – Mandolin on track 7


Recording and production gear

RME UFX II (Recording DAW)
U47 Clone Microphone (vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar)
B&W DM23 Vintage speakers (monitoring)
Jean Hiraga – Class-A amplifier self built (Monitoring)
Sony Acid (Recording Software)
Superior Drummer (Drum Programming software)





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