I’m Going Up : 2022-10-30T10:53:13

NEW SINGLE “I’m Going Up” is Released 🙂

Uplifting, big sound, feel-good factor, funky, soulful, house party track “I’m Going Up” is Light-hearted, fun, Inspiring Celebration!

If I can get as many people to play it today on the release day it will help spike the Spotify Algorithm, you can also download the song directly from Bandcamp and listen on Itunes etc by clicking the link below (my custom-made landing page!)

The unique style of UK artist Riki Buckingham is his ability to bridge between different audiences with a background of fans in the new age/alternative scene with its deeper life messages into a broader mix of everyday people relating to the funkier side of his upbeat groove & sexy rhythmic tones. An original, classic let’s get up and ‘Have It’ number!

Drum Programming, Guitar, Bass & Vocals by rikibuckingham
Keyboards by Josh Roots (a big thankyou there Josh!)

#diymusician #2022funk #funkymusic #upliftingmusic #funkandsoul

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