Imbolc & Candlemass week celebrations 2022

On the 1st of February lies the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox celebrated as a pagan festival known as Imbolc

This was an eventful week for us, we began with an early morning walk up to Tor in Glastonbury. It was a bright and beautiful day. The day after the Christian festival of Candlemass is celebrated and we made it to the most beautiful candlelit service at wells cathedral with harrowing choral music and service. It was a stunning and memorable experience, the architecture of the cathedral is outstanding and the music was very moving, leaving us with a feeling of peace and joy.

That afternoon we had come from a group gathering of transformational chanting organised by our local lovely friend Kirsty Mac with the intention to create peace and harmony around the planet and also assist in bringing some positive energy to the Glastonbury monument and the local community, we started at 2pm for 22 minutes on the 2/2/2022

That saturday we had a Weekend of Imbolc celebrations at the Assembly Rooms in Glastonbury, we shared the prayer of blessing called the Glastonbury moment then we went right into playing some crystal bowls and healing music, Singing together. lucky I got away without setting on fire! as seen at the end of the video

Then Riki Buckingham & Ross Child played a set together with Sunrise and the Avalon song

Sunday night was a bit of a turnout for the books and at the local biker pub, I encouraged us to sing at the open mic and it went down really well! the open mic in Yeovil was run by Elijah Wolf who is a great guy supporting local talent

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