Quantum Human Integration 2021 Video, by Mike Puskas



What if the human shadow self was fused to physical consciousness and subsequently our plainer reality but only separated by the presence of Hyperspace which our human senses can’t detect or physically manifest. To acknowledge that the old paradigm of Flatland theory in 3rd dimensional space can be replaced by the Quantum displacement of Black Holes within modern day String theory, allows Hyperspace to become a distinct part of a hidden dimension that liberates itself within the unified field of human consciousness to become part of our newly birthed plainer reality.

This video correlates evidence within the Science framework to effectively represent within our understanding of Quantum mechanics and its reflective presence within the Unified field that permeates the expanse of the Universe.

For those with eyes to see and ears to hear will experience the deafening bell like frequency of this long overdue aha moment that moves human evolution forward at an accelerated rate where living on earth becomes a completely new journey of what is real and possible.
More of this amazing journey can be experienced at the link below from the World Science Festival​

P & C 2021 Alchemy of Grace​
all rights reserved worldwide in perpetuity

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