The spiritual and real reasons why I decided to travel through Europe on Bicycle

(Note: Video at the bottom of this post with full over an hour long audio podcast!)

I decided to go for a few various reasons and already have learned what I needed to on this trip to some degree which is good.

I now realize security, stability, love and partnership with a view to children and family is what’s needed next, not to mention music 🙂

Coming out here has given one the clarity to discernment to gauge what truly matters in life again.

What’s the answer to what I was seeking out here? The answer is love
The only thing that makes any sense is love, love worth fighting for, worth healing for, worth giving your everything for and nothing else figures.

And just to requote what I’ve strongly felt before from the film into the wild
“Happyness is only real shared”

Well maybe that’s not strictly true but I’m a romantic and I believe in love and my true self is one who believes in the fairytale… as sad as that may sound to today’s standards I still believe in true love, sacred connection and that’s what it’s all about.

This heart will never be shut down 🙂

Dreams can and do come true magic is real, this life is beautiful


Here is a chat about the traveling


Coming to peace with life
Creating heaven on earth by our choices
Dealing with the shadows
Mother earth is here to support us
sleeping on the earth
We are the gifts to other people’s lives

Potent rooted awareness
elements of air, wind, sun enlivening
alert and present
resensetising to life
comfort zone
trust and faith in life
alert, trust
keeping balance
can’t control life
grace and peace

If we have to shy away from others’ pain and suffering, the world stays the same
It is through this authenticity and truly witnessing another soul to see who they truly are is a powerful thing
a true warrior on this planet can sit with any emotion that anyone is going through.


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