Looking after our body, strengthening the Aura and Energy body with food


As we know food effects our vibration,even though ultimately we can create our inner vibration and shift our own mood independent of the external world.

The body wants to be looked after and respected. It’s a personal thing, yet what I will say is that beyond the physical level the life force and energy of those plants supports and engages with the aura and energy body within the human,protecting and strengthening the energy system, this is how it was and has been for thousands of years.

The symbiotic relationship as plants and man evolved together.

The physical body really can be shifted so that the body itself resonates more and more in harmony with the spirit, but to realise that the human organs themselves are sensitive receptors is key. We can’t expect to overload our bodies with chemicals and addictions and expect the intuition, our emotions, and general mind function to be on top form.

Cultivating respect for the human body and inner intuition as to what is needed,and when, creates such a balance within the body, so that our whole vibration rises..

I offer guidance and help to re cultivate your inner knowing and connection to the body so that diet can be shifted to work with the mind body and spirit, bringing much needed vitality and power.

Much love


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