The Animal Self, discomfort

Just doing Yoga today and realising how for one I am nowhere near in my power as many of the other bigger animals on the planet and I know that I had been that way in other lives.

That humans often shy away from discomfort, that the animal part of us feels happy with healthy pride when we are truly strong on an animal level and staying too fixed in the comfort zone due to fear does not always help things.

Our current society does not encourage us to cultivate energy and for us to stand in our power and know just how strong we can be in facing all we need to evolve.

That the wild part of many of us is locked away in the basement and it’s too easy for stagnation to occur and lack of energy if we truly lose our body connection and connection to that inner fire and wonder so much into the maze of the mind.

I actually use Yoga as part of my preparation for a gig and playing music live more so than practising because I find that when my body and energy is stronger so is my voice and so is the power and truth within the music more aligned. The breath is also a big part of this and I find fresh air to be just as important as food choices are.
I welcome you my beautiful animal spirit side

Come show me what it is to be truly alive and to have courage, honour and bravery to face ANY of life’s challenges. Being in our power our truth we would not shy away from many of life’s experiences so easily.

Having lived in the wild (ish) in various countries for a few years.

Living out there experiencing something new every day, being exposed to the land and nature, having to be open to the flow of change every day with a little bit of discomfort has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life.

The depth of connection to life that we have available in this lifetime is truly beautiful, we have the ability to deepen the human experience on almost every level and having ourselves feeling strong on an animal level for me at least, only brings in a deeper sense of confidence and authentic power.
@aug 2019

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