** Update about Awakening Earth **

Update: Awakening Earth has been through many changes and unfortunetly in regard to the Mapping and Directory section I encountered many problems along the way. From 2016 to 2019 I have attempted to create, alone, a massive Directory with many different functions. This Directory had worked and people loved it, however it was just too much to manage alone and I had way too many problems, including a massive loss of data! The software was just not reliable enough! As such I’m sad to say that for now I will have to leave that section of the website. Recent world events have lead us to feel we need to use this space now for ‘The Restore Movement’ – a hub for encouraging everyone to make a stand on the kind of world they wish to live in. We will also keep a blog here too, focusing on Healing, Spirituality, Awareness and Awakening..

Sincere apologies to those who contributed Communities and data to the website directory for your loss of data, it was beyond my control. I hope that one day I may gather a team of us who can develop that part of the website together with different software.


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