Found Peace (Poem)

Found Peace


In a old dusty part of London lived a man with a warm heart, a musician who spent most of his life alone playing and recording music he craved for love of a woman but what he craved he was also afraid of ..

One day he decided to give up all his dreams and desires ..And completely give into life, he decided that if he could not make his dreams true that he would be of service to others! so everyone he met he gave love and never harmed a soul.
He left home to travel, He had nothing but his guitar and not much money but he met many people along the way and great musicians.

One day he left to live on some far away islands (Azores) there he met many people and he became a healer. Still he craved for the love of a good woman ..But he just kept on making the music and playing with a band that made many great songs! .. when he got old he lived his days on the island with the nature, anyone who would visit him he would welcome into his home ..And he would listen to them telling him the story’s of their life. he knew inside that whatever dreams he had not made true he had lived a life well spent!.

He died in peace and when the angels greet him they were so happy at how much he gave to the world .. one of the angels shared all her love with him and Finaly he found peace.


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