The valley (poem)

The valley stands perfect, untouched

With the character of yesterday and futures yet to tell.

An ancient paradise of beauty

That’s this entire earth.

Yet Looking here around me

All madness do I see

I’m longing for the valley

Where truth I always see

In this city where we live

no time for poetry

This machine must carry on

But tomorrow never comes

To no ends is all this madness

Still chasing its own tail

Today I see things differently

I laugh and take a turn.

Hurry Hurry don’t slow down.

I have a place for humor

Down this valley where I lay

See mother earth is basking

It’s what she does all day

Just sit and laugh and play.

Which makes me think and wonder

Why did we lose our way ?

The madness makes me smile

Always reaching for that gold

A constant need for something

To fill this empty void

But a man without connection

To this life that’s all around.

Is a man that’s lost his freedom

Which the machine can never solve.

Still out here in the wild…

All gathers in the sun

The symphony is playing.

Just waiting for your turn.

It orchestrates its masterpiece

Which cannot be undone.

And your the gift that’s given

Even if you wonder why .

Our mother earth is speaking

But we don’t hear her words.

The songs been long forgotten.

And we just don’t have the time.

Quietly you hear she calls you

To find your place on earth.

Because without all doubt or reason

Your message must be heard.

Like a crushed and broken ruin

Your heart had sometime fell

This message that you carry

No longer could you tell

With pain that slowly grips you

And Blinded by its night

You feel the search for freedom

To find that glorious soul

Still the light is shining

Even through it all

There’s hope and light still out there

When comes the new dawn day

For all your fear and darkness

Must in time sing it’s song

And there is no place for sorrow

When the hurt insides been seen.

Now fly my treasure of freedom

And tell them of your dream.

That all were created equal

In the sun we all can bathe

Down in the valley

That’s where I finally lay

Still speaking of this freedom

I found here on this day.

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