Southampton, Hastings, Cheltenham UK Test Run July 2015


It was about around July 2015 that we decided that we had enough of living in a stagnant environment living in our rented accommodation and that we would go traveling around the UK, with the idea of hopefully traveling more long term into Europe in the future so south England albeit cold was the testing ground for our travels!



It had definitely felt good being out getting good sunshine, the bags all around me Katy had sorted out so that the weight could be kept off the shoulders!


Lol I think I was exited 🙂


One of the parks I expect around Southampton



Katy’s Photo-shoot, I can remember the night we slept here we wanted to do a fire as it was so cold!


Katy looking good with her new hair style, wow this was all back in 2015 and its now 2019 as a Write this!


This was on the way from Hastings, Its obvious to me that katy was absolutely loving this! the smiles do not lie! and thats the thing, being out like this is so healthy for the soul!



How beautiful and amazing is she, still able to look great while traveling around in a tent! 😀




Terrible photo as the camera lens was going wrong I guess, something that can happen so easily while being out in the wild as it can be so hard to take care of things well! but that fuzzy thing is a bee! and we were talking about how many had died.



This just about sums up how crazy it was carrying all our stuff around, I obviously had had enough and thought I would pop it in the supermarket trolley! wise choice, wow I still wear that bloody old cardigan now!


Katy STILL smiling after sleeping in a park near traffic and road noise! 🙂



Lots of bags in which katy choose to take advantage of the needs and situations we had creating her own funky psychedelic bags!


This was our setup in a forest in Cheltenham, It was a nice spot here. We had a tarp and our cooking gear, made a fire and slept within the forest.



Well that’s the beginning of our travels! and what became almost a need to get out often!




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