Wild camping around Cornwall, UK

In 2014 we decided to go to Cornwall and live in our tent, it was lovely and still warm, this photo is from our little hidden camp in St Ives.


The sea was clear and stunning, the air quality good and the light quality perfect for painters! we did not paint anything. I remember the long walks we took every day from our camp into town.



Katy at the camp
Katy at the camp

The fires built like this really got started in the end!


Riki Buckingham at the Kettle and Wink in St Ives
Riki Buckingham at the Kettle and Wink in St Ives

Jamming with Andy Bunce at the Kettle and Wink in St Ives, there was an instant connection with Andy who was great at improvising and “got it”



What can I say, I think katy was having an unhappy day ? bless her Inner child there! Im guessing she didn’t want to carry heavy belongings any more!





We had found a little spot on Truro where we settled for a few nights and katy had decided to do a water fast in order to cleanse her system and do a kind of shamanic entity release, I was also having flashbacks here to my Ayahuasca ceremony which had gone bad. More about that later!

The rest was definitely appreciated as being out in the wild all the time can be quite taxing on all levels.



We had gone to see if my mothers father was still alive as she had not heard from him for years, there was a story behind it all and his wife did not want him to see my mum, I caught up with his wife and she had been upset that she stopped him seeing my mum when he was alive.
A bit of a regret there!


I don’t know what we were doing here ?

We finish this set of pictures with me pulling a funny face back in Salisbury with the Cathedral behind me.

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