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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, im sat here eating my first chocolate in like a month or more, its yummy 🙂 yet i feel realy good from eating healthy veg and stuff the last couple of month! , i think i thought it was kind of nonsense when people said that even bread can effect a lot of people, well i learn t that bread and sugar effect me loads (muddy head, sluggish etc). yet i had no awareness of this all my life.

Ive not realy shared a lot about me with people like this on my wall or with people, its taken a long time to feel able to express myself to find who i am, i think that sharing with others when u are so venerable can be hard so i understand for others if you find it hard to express yourselves. i carried lots of fear of judgement and things and lots of shame in me, i allowed others to see me wrong mostly by just forgetting who i was! The last 4 years ive been facing things that i decided to stop running from, i pride myself on the work i am doing to help myself grow spiritual.

I feel so lucky and grateful tho, i have a beautiful lady and together we are learning about life the people around us the people we are and about humanity. Its nice to be able to enjoy today without being chronically addicted to cigarettes or needing to smoke a joint, its nice to feel cleaner again 🙂

Now whats the best present to buy today, hmm Speakers a Camper Van! ? a holiday hmmm 😀

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