Dream from 2008

Please excuse my spelling on this, around 2008 i was having a lot of interesting experiences! here is one of them!  i think that i was kind of all over mentally and emotionaly lol


Right it’s converting it all into words that kinda diminishes the beauty haha ok went to sleep last night with that thing i get where everything get’s too much, so i turned of pc turned of light slept in total darkness for the first time in 6 months..thought fuck it ill face my fear at all costs (there an illusion based on previous bad experiances lol) i was in that place where just one more noise was too much i needed inner stillness lol i wake up at 1 go back to bed so then im drifting off to sleep see some white light comming in so i thought ok im in pitch black no prob ill kinda try to stay awake n go with this seeing some scary things but i just ignore it ..then it’s like im talking to somone haha in subconcias mind it goes in and out then i become vaguely aware of what iv’e been saying like semi-dream state but it’s not dream if you get me it’s third eye stuff and it’s kinda like my child inside has been scared by this new information from source or whatever comming in i saw somone being killed in the astral but have detached from it i guess what im trying to say is the kid in me realises those things are universal conciousness images and not actualy a threat at this moment in time the images seen there just happen o sometimes hit deep roted fears in the “unconnected from source” imagination/ subconcias in me lol shit this sounds technical haha ill get to the crunch So anyway suddenly i see Mary (mother of Jesus) LOL but it’s like a statue and it’s all dirty and not quite right haha ..then

 I see her again holding a baby pretty sure it was her ..bloody hell it’s so 3D like so real ..urm more real than this reality (looking lol) so yeh im being led by obviously a spirit guide or helper and talking to her there n i remeber some giggling about things not sure then im in this big university or school ..and this guy says hes been looking for me all day and that ive been awarded something and were in a group of people and he says n points to me as being the one who will definetly pass the test of exccelence in music LMAO 

 Then im out in lebanon or something and thies guys there just got shot and i see the blood against the wall from this guy ..not too nice BUT i didnt freak out or wake up ..obviosuly im begginign to realise it’s dreamworld not actualy a threat to me. ok then the most amazing part ever. im kinda talking to my guide and she laughs about how i like my girlfriend so much and im asking her what can i do about her and she laughs and goes i dont know haha then we take a ride or i do alone and wow how beautifull and amazing a thing i basicly traveled the whole earth saw everything in PERFECT detail ,went to mountains, saw massive citys prob america and one of the most amazing bit’s was traveling (flying over the sea) oh god theres so much beauty in this world it’s makin me cry right now i saw the sunset over the sea as we flew away i thought oh does the sea end yet i want to get bak to land we sped up haha then i got to the mountains stopped there had a chat ..looked in the water ..saw a USB cabble ..that prob represented the connection to anywhere any place at any time BOY what a dream man what a dream

 haha while in the dream i knew about the third eye lol ajd remeber white light comming in in reality at the same time again :-O)

oh everything’s so damn amazing i definitely want to do that again about cheap travel lol and everything’s just as real as real life BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a great world we live in

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