2013 – Facing inner Demons, Intuition, Body awareness

I woke up one day and i just got it, all the fear released from my body my vibration
raised and was at total peace , the DNA began to mutate and change to allow a deep
understanding of the divine and interconnection of all things. All become at a point of
unity the past future and the now were all one, all information accessible as it was
always there in mine and all of our DNA, all has been recorded there, the only battle that i thought was out there was really inside all along in mine and their hearts, ….balance….. fighting life stopped. After This shedding came a Deep acceptance of life.

Around this time others began to wake up too as if they had been living all along in a
very deep sleep.
There comes a time when you just get it perhaps not in this life but Im determined to wake up in this life what i write is not whats happened yet for me but for others and something to manifest.Remember who you are! all shall pass in time yet you remain infinite, even if your body dies, your possessions, your jobs, your friends and beliefs may change.

Once you connect with your heart and intuition you will know what to do next, your life will be directed by you not by what you were taught but by your own judgement. We have spent a long time now disconnected from our true emotions although often kept in fear, emotional drama. while at the same time not able to process or engage truly with our feelings. the emotional body is an important part of life here on earth. our fast paced society has become very caught on the mental level, high demands/high pressure, once you drop out of mind and find some inner silence it becomes much more easier to discern truth.

You are here to feel yet the pain for a lot of us has become so great that we don’t want to feel, all that held onto pain creates your beliefs and effects the way you see the world.
Treated badly and not grown from it ? still held onto it and you’ll feel like the world owes you?. surely that’s a block to living a compassionate life how can you stay compassionate when your being effected from demons from your past. flushing those experiences out dealing with them forgiving and letting go can not only help you your body, mind, spirit but also the more free of pain and burdens you are the more lighter your tone in life is and surely that effects those around you in a positive way.

So many lash out from the pain, those ones need the help even more.

“The percentage of Americans who used at least one prescription drug in the past month increased from 44% in 1999-2000 to 48% in 2007-2008.”

Why ?
Because we don’t know how to deal with life our body’s are full of shit that weve been holding onto all our life it’s become the culture of numbing and bumbing out in front of the TV a Permanent distraction. we don’t want to be aware don’t want to be conscious don’t want to feel. what am i doing ? im attempting to go the other direction.

Good luck people 🙂

We stand united, Peace, ~ Rixsta

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