Indiegogo Campaign 2022 (Three autumn singles & album completion)

Ok so this is it, people I’ve waited and hesitated long enough!

This is exciting as I have no idea what will come of this which makes it fun and ill be happy to raise a little to pay off the musicians at least 🙂

This is my funding campaign to help release my last Solo (homebrewed) music project for some time! hopefully if anything my smiling face on the main page will uplift you haha Note: enough people clicking on the page itself will trigger the Indiegogo platform logarithm to think there’s a lot of interest and display my page to more people. BOOM! 😃😎

I’ve been working on 23 Songs of life-affirming, soulful, feel-good visionary music from a journey of heartache, wild camping, traveling, and a European busking adventure. Landing back to my hometown in Kent to get recording and set out again across the land by bike to Avalon Glastonbury during lockdown to camp and hit the streets to share the gifts this music brings!

A long story of soul searching and triumph preludes this pinnacle point where after 1.5 years the songs are almost ready to launch and share…

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