Heyana – New single out now

Hey Guy’s and Ladies.

The free version of heyana can be found HERE

Heyana is a hymn to mother earth and An anthem of musical prophecy for our times, this visionary song is themed around the wisdom of the indigenous people of the earth, with their simple ways of living and deep understanding that we must respect mother nature. A message that holds a resonance worldwide for the people of today in 2022.

This is my first release in a long time! I think it’s one of the best songs I’ve ever written and definitely worth a listen for those of you who have a deep love and respect for nature.


Check it out here!

Johnny Bancroft – Drum Programming, Strings, Tremolo Guitar and Slide guitar
Sara Goldy – Vocals
Paulo Chagas – Flute
Riki Buckingham – Lyrics, Singing, Bass, guitar and Vocals, drum programming.
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the song will also be emailed to all those who have supported the project via the funding campaign


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