Riki Buckingham live Interview with Samantha Wood


Riki Buckingham Interview with Samantha Wood
What’s ya name and where do ya come from? (haha always a funny way to start )
What areas have you lived in?
Are there any musical people in your family?
How long have you enjoyed music ?
What was the first price of music you enjoyed?
Introduce your first song
What musical instruments can you play?
Is there any genre of music you don’t like?
When did you first start singing?
We’re you ever part of any choirs?
Have you ever been in any shows?
2nd song
How do you think music can affect health?
How do you use music for healing?
What else do you do to help with healing?
How can you help other people with their healing?
3rd song
Who are your inspirational singer-songwriters?
What are your goals for your future in music ? what would you like to achieve in the next five years?
Viewers questions
One wish question

Samantha Wood (Facebook)

Interview on 26th September 2020, thankyou Samantha!

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