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Polluting Our Bodies yet moaning about the planet!

It always interests me how people who are concerned about the ozone are poluting their own lungs/bodies with cigarettes, over consumption of sugar, salt, alcohol, drugs etc. There’s not much difference between the two if we truly care about the planet then we need to start caring about our own bodies too. Your body is sacred and it’s a gift ..those of us who have good health physical and emotionaly are so lucky. The more we weaken our own bodies the more we add to the poluting of the world the more we take humanity just that little bit further into destruction bit by bit we weaken and dirty the perfect humans we are through the generations. Smoking Is never a sign of a healthy emotional human being. If you are talking to a smoker today give them the respect and love that they deserve and know they have reasons for the slow suicide. Our nation is extremely ill and that’s ok it’s just way it is but for those of you that want to change … we still have time to turn things around 🙂 Never give up
The spirit doesn’t like to live in a toxic body, trouble is our body was fed toxic manufactured food from the first years of our life and many of us will never realise this nor ever change it. I’m changing it 🙂 Even the foods they say are good for you are laden with pesticides and chemicals that hinder the full ability of the body to work and function as intended. We are groomed addicts from birth and it doesn’t stop there. We can be addicted to healthy foods too..until we can stop poluting our bodies and control our addictions how can we be expected to stop poluting the planet ????? As within so without. Food addicts phone addicts computer addicts drug addicts smoker addict drink addicts TV addicts ..In one way or another we are all addicts I’m sorry if anyone reading this is in denial and telling themselves their addiction is not an addiction …its time to get strong and get real..our addictions are causing so much trouble on the planet and our consumerism causing so much destruction ..we don’t need more stuff ..we need more substance more guts..more honour and more truth to be honest we need a bloody wake up call in order to stop feeding the greed machine ..otherwise e alternative path is let the rich get richer while we buy all their toys and become sucker for their coffees Starbucks KFC and McDonald’s. The I love NY t-shirts the monster drinks ..its soon vein and shallow and we are so fooled into buying this shit and poluting our world with meaningless STUFF!!! It’s just stuff!! Anyway point was food…at any time we can tweak our diet to suit the body’s needs in that moment for optimal brain body mind functionality not to mention having a clean system running at optimal helping one open to more higher energies rather than the lower depressive mundane and darker energies plaguing the modern world right now. Every time I start to write again on Facebook it’s when I’ve started eating better again as soon as I go back again and get caught in eating the other stuff. In my case too much cooked food..I loose awareness and become dumb hence the lack of posts on here…
For me its been a few years now, about 7 years off psychic attacks, the interesting thing is if you give up if you decide to give in, go back to drinking go back to smoking the troubles get less. but if you have the audacity to care about yourself to be healthy to wake up to open your heart to even think you want to help others thats when the attacks come, mostly when your a threat, people who want to evolve who want to help humanity wake are ARE a threat to some of the forces that exist in our reality who are trying to stop humanity thrive. There’s a lot of website out there that are speaking about my own experiences and many others around the world so don’t feel insane anyone out there whos experienced this 🙂 your not nuts .. This article is specifically for the people from around the world who’ve emailed me over the years with the same horrible, difficult problem; they’ve been activated by the Ascension Process which causes them to “wake up” more spiritually, energetically and consciously and due to this they’re suddenly experiencing attacks from negative, low-frequency nonphysical, nonhuman beings, entities and living humans or Team Dark as I often refer to all of them.
Polluted body….. polluted mind. … Polluted mind…..polluted body….polluted society… Polluted nation….polluted world = polluted mind….. Stop polluting!!!

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