Avant Garde music

Avant Garde music likes to mess with that part of the brain that’s got to used to everything in life being put into small categoriesed boxes of the known. That part of us that likes to know where everything is and mentally keep track of it has no chance with the avant music. It challenges our very ideas of what we think is music the majority of the world have no time for it because it does not make sence on the intelectual level at which one tries to listen to it on. Or hoping for some kind of repetative beat. No those musicians want to expand they don’t want to refine music down. Its when you start listening and realise that like nature with its freedom and like chaos music too can reflect this. They are just as valid as any other music and after I’d heard so much normal sounds it became boring listening to the same old stuff. It’s good for a musicians to be open to many styles, it builds the character. I myself would like to create some music which reflects nature done for the love of music not made from some ego need within to be adored. Nope I want the universe to speak and sing it’s song. What I love is that there’s a place for all of it all the forms of art out there.

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