Radiant Vitality 2nd Show with Mara Lemurian, soul retrieval, trauma, healing (2020-04-17)

Topics: Non-Resistance to life (saying yes to what is) Self-Sufficiency, nature and grounding, tribal living and soul retrieval Astral Parasites and bringing in life force energy for protection Raw food and uplifting consciousness Working with trauma from an empowered space Talking to a persons soul Connecting to our angels and guides Stress and coping with numbing foods Listening and talking to the body Kambo frog medicine for healing and awareness The spirit of plants Thankyou for Mara […]

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Nature (Poem)

Nature … Bathed in the sunlight and feeling the love Called to the mountains, the highest peak looking down at the flowing the river Followed it for miles wherever I am taken I don’t know whatever tomorrow brings is a mystery oh the joy and excitement of the unknown! Clouds of expression I am in awe, the sight of you your beauty so moving like a song I never tire of showing me that all is moving […]

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Letter to the universe (Poem)

Letter to the universe … oh life in the many way’s you touch me like all the sounds one musician could ever play! more colours than I can ever imagine! am I really to understand your beauty ? I know you listen as I speak to you… mother I love you! and I will not fear If to give love is the key there is always reason to live! and there will be no fear ill allow […]

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