Lush Nature

2016, Crete, Greece – Green healing and revelations! Breaking free of the Matrix

On our flight to Crete we had some of the best cloud views ever! … or was that the flight to Gran Canaria, both were simply amazing. While I don’t really love flying, I do love that feeling up there above the clouds. Just had to show those pictures as they leave one feeling inspired and creative, at-least being the one flying does!   Off the plane into the wild and a dry world awaited us but […]

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2015, Wales then Dover onto Calais France

We started this Journey in Dover, going to wales to meet a friend ? I think so anyway       Ready to set off down the road to wales! Once we got to wales we met up with a good guy called Phil Taylor, who was working and still is with various musicians doing some good work, he is very dedicated to the work he does! More about the record label and his work here […]

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South America, Peru, Pucallpa, Lima Ayahuasca retreat with almost serious consequence

I would like to warn that further down the page are the disturbing images of me in a pretty bad way from my Ayahuasca experiance.   “Spanish style song, themed around spiritual matters and Healing the Earth and ourselves, Guitar playing in the Carlos Santana Style”   The following images are from the place we stayed, I absolutely loved some of the artwork and the spiritual significance of the images!       Absolutely lush nature everywhere, […]

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