2016, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

Having been bitten by the need to get out of England every winter we decided to go this time to Gran Canaria!   The following two photo’s are taken from another website to show just how amazing this spot was, lets just say it was very high up, the bus rides were freaky but the nature was beautiful.   Then! we went back to England, lets see how that looks….   Maybe that’s why I purchased this […]

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2015, Valencia to Barcelona to Olot

Valencia! At this time I had already thought that Girona was pretty hot for a red head English man but we had to get hotter so we went to Valencia. So we went back to Barcelona to go to Olot and get cooler ? seriously I can’t remember we went all over!   Olot   I love this and I must say that I felt the air quality was very good there, the lush nature so good […]

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