Heyana – Lyrics and Chords

This song is my tribute to the Native American culture that I was called to bring forward. It is a hymn to Mother Earth, as the song goes along holds a deep message for today’s world inspiring greater personal change to make better heart-led choices and expand our awareness to what we are doing here.

A message to respect this precious gift of life on the planet, calling for individual empowerment and awakening to rise up and create a collective shift needed for these times!

Heyana – Lyrics and Chords
(Verse 1) A, Am7, Dmaj7, F#m7, E
Take a different path
And walk with me
Through the lands of the evergreen and into the wild
Where the mind is clear and the souls alive
Rejoice in the simple things, nature provides

Know where we headed
And we know just where were found
Living oh simply now on sacred ground
Ain't got no heavy load that the lord don't know
Take me back to where it all began

(Chorus 1) F#m (9th), Dmaj7
I know I know, you will find me
Where the rivers run deep
And my soul is yearning
To return to the land
Where the light does shine

(Verse 2) A, Am7, A6d, Dmaj7, Fmaj7 (8th fret)
I remember the joyous days we laughed and we sang
We listened to the wise ones, and what they had to say
The land was beautiful and the air was clear
We lived our days in a simple way

(Chorus 2) F#m (9th), Dmaj7, F#m (9th), Dmaj7, Bm7, C#m7
But things are very different today
I said the winds are howling strong
I feel change is on its way

Heya Heyana
Heya Heyana
Bring the message to the people of this land
Heya Heyana
Heya Heyana
Time to rise and finally see the light of day

I left the lands of nature
And built an empire high
Had my first taste of sin
Chasing dreams in city life
And in my ignorance
I fell prey to illusions
Indulged in all the fine sweet things
That the modern world brings

(Verse 3) 
But none of this was ever enough
To take me from my light
None of this could take me from my light

Out of the labyrinth, I walk away
To find the true souls, who still live on this day
Who remember the world before the heartless came
With their poison minds and thier ego games

(Chorus 3) F#m (9th), Dmaj7, F#m (9th), Dmaj7, Bm7, C#m7
Yeah, what are we waiting for
Storm is brewing, all across this land
I feel the machines coming
Feel them rumbling at my feet
As they try and chop down this land again

Said the fires are burning
And the earth is rumbling
By those who search for gold
Who are hungry for the power
Yeah the ice is melting
And the species dying
Tell me where is the heart
Where is the heart of man

(Bridge) Bm, A, E - Bm, A/F#!!, E
Through the darkness and into the storm
I said I'm ready, to find another way
This is not the way I thought that things would go
But I will live my life with truth inside
Courage in my soul

We've got to decide what path to take
Somewhere inside
I remember the elders tell me
We all uphold the web of life

(Break) Bm, A, E - Bm, A/F#!!, E
And on the day
The earth stood still
Skies did clear
Not a plane to be seen

Great mother earth
I don't think that I can live in a lie
So take me home back to the great river of life
And cleanse this heart
So I may be reborn of light and soul
And on this day I said the earth will stand still
In honor of you

I can't hold on, no none of us can
But If you're ready to rise, well then take my hand
We'll make a choice to leave it all behind
And fight for the ones we love

Bm, A, E - Bm, A/F#!!, E

Woah great river of life
Guide us back into your flow
Great stars above remind us of our true home

I wanna know right now that you'll take your place
For the ones we love
And the ones we left behind
I wanna know right now that you'll take your place
Yeah! rise up people rise!

I said the hour has come, time is near
This land belongs to the soul of man

Off with the clothes and into the river
And drop all lies
And wash it all away
Call the River of life
To cleanse us of our strife
All the wicked ways of men
And the darkness of the past

I am the heart of man who cannot be tamed
I am the breath of life that cannot be named
I am a part of this land that cannot be bought
And my soul will not be sold, no no!

Ignite my fire
Ignite my flame

Great mother earth
We hear your call
Heya heyana
Heya heyana

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