Gentle Wispers (poem)

Gentle wispers today I heard 
words of passion words of grace 
that pointed to a deeper truth 
I felt the meaning within my soul 
not to search but live and love 
but my heart was weak, how could this be ? 
When I had all but given up 
there I found a ray of light 
down by the river in the forest 
I saw her standing there 
she gazed at her own reflection 
dancing .. in the water 
her hair blowing in the wind. 
Then she turned and looked at me 
our eye’s did meet and I felt it there 
Such a sight was she 
so beautifull in the reflecting light  
yet I senced something more 
when she spoke her words were clear and pure 
the surrounding nature would surely agree! 
what a delight to hear and just be near 
this girl so bright my senses on fire! 

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