The Fruits of healing

When terrible shit happens all over the earth and we all know what it is to suffer and Experience loss. We will all have that in common and although it sounds bad it might just be the thing that brings us together as a human race. Because truly seeing the pain softens the heart and it makes you want to do something about it. Although we watch the news we pretty much live in our own worlds and are desensitised to it which is just as it is. But we also have a bigger part of us. That part that will fight for freedom, equality that part that would drop selfishness to save another person or help this world and even that guy down the road who was bullied and hurt would probably like to be more caring if only he didn’t feel so mistreated. When a group of people, a race, a country or even humanity in general loose so much and find that loss in common we remember we are all in this together, that this isn’t a race or a game but can be something much more beautiful and fun if we can just shift our perspective from what we’ve been told. Yet in many cases the things Im speaking of cannot be learnt in a school but only learnt through the experiences of ones life. The good and troubled times all help to wake us up, If we can find the fruits and seeds that those experiences have given us. This is the lost art of be coming a healer. Not denying the effects of events in your life, not pushing them away with distraction or meds or drugs but facing them and allowing In time those experiences which have most left a mark on you to make you a wise soul who can look within the heart of other people and see who they are and see the common humanity within them. Or to communicate truthfully from a place of compassion and understanding. So while running away also has its benefits in allowing us to save what our heart longs to speak for later it also disconnects us from ourselves and our fellow man so that we are limited in what we can experience. At this point I’ve chosen to change my focus from being cool or worrying what others think or what society says I should be doing, to being real because its only by realism and truth that we are going to make it on this planet. Im slowly attempting to put that above even worries about survival. I know lies illusion and deceit will just tear this world apart and that man has a very damaged psyche or we would not do such things. When we can embrace what is we have much better chance of creating harmonious, healing and amazing connections with people we meet. When we can accept our pain our joy and ourselves it helps humanity move a step forward… I would like to grab some people together soon and have a bonfire in some good nature and we will all have a chance to speak truth and say what we truly long to say. And just maybe it will help the others express themselves too 🙂 its not a counselling session its a moment of air and realism in a world that’s become shallow and vein. We think we have freedom of speech here and while that’s true, a lot of us do not know how to speak what our heart longs to say and when it comes to idle chit chat about the mundane its really easy, its supposed to be a bit more balanced than that ? anyway…. I don’t want the only get tog-ethers I can find to be people getting off their head, while that might be fun I/we have much more important things to do on earth. That’s what I say anyway.

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