Trilogy Unlocked, (Pt. 3) The New Dawn [2024]

The New Dawn is the third and final of a trilogy recorded over lockdowns available to download and buy in the shop

This album is packed full of positivity and a joyous celebration for life, full of funk, soul, progressive, psychedelic, Latin and afro-beat vibes.


A labor of love

Here is an epic adventure and something rather unique for the world 2024 and solo artists’ release. Absolutely well-crafted and original music like “Amazonia” and “The New Dawn” clocking in at 26 minutes, cut through the noise with an authenticity much needed in today’s music landscape.

Words can’t describe how proud and satisfied I am of this creation, its flow, the songs the depth and meaning contained within.

I would say at times something profound hit me while recording this album, something beyond what was planned which I had made space for and originally intended and it paid off well.

A big thank you to all involved and that concludes the completion of the albums recorded at home, next album someone else can do all the mixing, Mastering, Computer work etc ill just play and sing thankyou 😉

The studio where it all happened!

Riki Buckingham
Main Vocals, Backing Vocals, Rhythm and Electric guitars, Bass Guitar and Drum Programming, Mixing, Mastering

John Buckingham
Keyboards on “Second Chance”

Paulo Chagas
Flute on “The New Dawn”

Rita Torrens
Violins on “The New Dawn”

Josh Roots
Organ on “Sunrise”

Sara Goldy
Backing Vocals on “Sunrise” “Promised Land” “The New Dawn”

Giles Bryant
Backing Vocals on “Sunrise”

Riki Buckingham


Prism Sound Titan Interface (Recording DAW)
U47 Clone Microphone (vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar)
Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge (Guitar amplification)
B&W DM16 Vintage speakers (monitoring)
Jean Hiraga – Class-A amplifier self built (Monitoring)
Beryodynamic DT 770 Pro (Headphone mixing)
Studio One (Recording Software)
Superior Drummer (Drum Programming software)


Thank you to Mike Puskas and Kathrin Atkinson and Sara Goldy for the countless mixes I sent to you, your critical ear, your support and your encouragement.

Thankyou to my Mum for her positive encouragement and ability to handle listening to banging drum samples for 7 months without going insane!

Thankyou to the passers-by while busking the songs on the street, playing the gigs and events.

Thankyou for the fans and friends

Thankyou to my fighting spirit and ancestors pushing me on to complete this project and not loose faith, putting a lot of time and effort into a non paying venture like this and maintaining your own focus and drive can be a harder thing to do than following orders from your boss at work. 😀 Trust me, its easier to follow orders but pulling off a mamonth task like this took some effort and I think its payed off 🙂

Thanks all