Trilogy Unlocked, (Pt. 2) Heyana (Great Mother Earth) [2024]

Moving on from the themes of classic rock and blues influence of the last album “Rise” here we have “Heyana” the album can be found in the shop here



This album is a gift born from love, for the love of life and for the love of music. The album is named after one of the most moving songs called “Heyana” which is an ode to times gone when the Native Americans lived in a simple way upon the land, this album has a good measure of Funk and soul with Singer/Songwriter elements, the lyrical messages are sometimes deep and profound and other times inviting us to just feel, have a good time and let go

Well crafted from start to finish, it is an authentic expression from the heart and may it bring joy to those who seek this kind of music 🙂

“Great River of life, guide us back into your flow”

“Great stars above, remind us of our true home”

The studio where it all happened!


1.I’m Going Up (04:57_
2.Shelter From The Storm (06:48)
3.Sunrise (08:32)
4.Heyana (Album Mix) (09:29)
5.Times Are Changing (12:50)
6.Let Love, Be Love (05:39)
7.The Prophecy (12:12)
8.Crystal Bowl Meditation (06:36)


Riki Buckingham – Vocals – Main and Backing, Guitar – Lead, Rhythm, Bass, Drum Programming)
Sara Goldy – Backing Vocals on “Heyana” “Times Are Changing” “Crystal Bowl Meditation”
Johhny Bancroft – Synths, Paino, Steel Guitar, Effects on “Heyana”
John Buckingham – Keyboards and Synth on “Shelter From The Storm”

Artwork by Anthony Albanese and Riki Buckingham

A massive thank you to everyone who helped this happen!

Recording and production gear

Prism Sound Titan Interface (Recording DAW)
U47 Clone Microphone (vocals, acoustic guitar and electric guitar)
Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge (Guitar amplification)
B&W DM16 Vintage speakers (monitoring)
Jean Hiraga – Class-A amplifier self built (Monitoring)
Beryodynamic DT 770 Pro (Headphone mixing)
Studio One (Recording Software)
Superior Drummer (Drum Programming software)

Thankyou to..

Thank you to Mike Puskas and Kathrin Atkinson and Sara Goldy for the countless mixes I sent to you, your critical ear, your support and your encouragement.

Thankyou to my Mum for her positive encouragement and ability to handle listening to banging drum samples for 7 months without going insane!

Thankyou to the passers-by while busking the songs on the street, playing the gigs and events.

Thankyou for the fans and friends

Thankyou to my fighting spirit and ancestors pushing me on to complete this project and not loose faith, putting a lot of time and effort into a non paying venture like this and maintaining your own focus and drive can be a harder thing to do than following orders from your boss at work. 😀 Trust me, its easier to follow orders but pulling off a mamonth task like this took some effort and I think its payed off 🙂

Thanks all

More to come….