The Melodious Soul’s Journey (2011)


A private-release CD-R demo.  2011
Home recordings made 2008 – 2011-07-07

Download as CD Quality download (FLAC and WAVE files)


Kathrin & The Land
A song written for my lovely lady. In my imagination, I had the idea
of us living close to nature in a lovely cottage. There we would
have time to love, explore each other and understand the universe.

Pleased To Be
This song was recorded when I lived in Cumbria in a caravan!
One night; a year later, I finally got around to recording some
vocals over it.

Winter Melancholy Dream
A melancholic song about feeling lost while walking through
the forests.

Into The Sun
I quite like the lead guitar solo on this song; quite Santanaish!

The Last Dance
“A soul-wrenching journey down the river of deep emotions;
where the howling rapids of pain and despair intersperse with
the gentle flowing beauty of the vulnerable soul-searching for it´s answers”.


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A few words by Peter Gustavsson

Swedish painter, singer/songwriter & not the least friend

I first learned to know Riki 6 or 7 years ago through our mutual
interest in a wide range of musical styles. We met over the net and through the years we have oriented ourselves within a rich and multicolored variety of tonal landscapes and inspired each other
to partake in a never-ending quest for the lost chord.

Riki´s talent was obvious to me from the beginning. His absolutely glorious voice is timeless and at times almost otherworldly; colored by his profound and honest wish to express a true spiritual and
emotional substance. With an impressive variety in timbre and phrasing, he easily moves from a delicate poetic flow related to fellow artists within English progressive folk and pastoral whimsy during the late ’60s and early ’70s, over to soulful rock´n roll and at times almost gospel-related vibes. His powerful natural vibrato sometimes reminds me of Martin Griffith´s (Beggars Opera) and Roger Chapman´s
(Family) vocal acrobatics.

Being an accomplished guitarist, Riki can pull of just about anything when he is inspired; folksy flat & fingerpicking, funky licks, rock and jazzy chill-outs. The demo you hold in your hand, however, has it´s main focus on the more acoustic side of things.

The sources of influence are eclectic and manifold : progressive rock and folk, jazz and fusion, Latin vibes and flamenco and these days, the exquisite filigrees of eastern, more modal compositions.

So, come listen and encourage the tales that a gentle soul and existential
explorer has to tell you: Riki, a raconteur and bard strumming the harp
of life and death, never letting an all-encompassing love and passion for our wonderous creation out of sight.



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