February 2022

Sunrise from the new album “Rise”

Hey all, I just put together a version of my song Sunrise for Glastonbury 2022 emerging talent competition, please do share and like, I would love to see your comments 🙂   Sunrise by Riki Buckingham singer/songwriter   This a pre-release single version from the up and coming album “Rise” We are currently waiting for funding to help with the mixing and guest musicians on the album, some keyboards and a few more edits, finalise lyrics and […]

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Imbolc & Candlemass week celebrations 2022

On the 1st of February lies the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox celebrated as a pagan festival known as Imbolc This was an eventful week for us, we began with an early morning walk up to Tor in Glastonbury. It was a bright and beautiful day. The day after the Christian festival of Candlemass is celebrated and we made it to the most beautiful candlelit service at wells cathedral with harrowing choral music and service. […]

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